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Aug 2017
Her mind captivated her very being
in seclusion
breathing in everyday
To know nothing but the fantasies residing within
It was all she knew
More than just dreams
it was the only thing that allowed any form of sensible peace in a world full of screams
Destined for more
and I know,
all you wanted was to rebuild the life that depression had torn
all you wanted was your spirit to fly
àll you wanted was to do and find right
all you wanted was to find the person that would give you the right reasons to cry
a man to say, "in you I found life."
For the fruits that she beared had become suddenly dry

Robbed from the happiness that once gave her life
suffocation by a heart darker than night
and eyes representing the thunderous skies
A wrenching curse left upon through childhood
she met Depression, by his side where she stood
The greatest iconic deception
That would eventually unfold to become..
Reality's reflection.
Reality's Asleep and she hasn't gotten up
I tried to wake her
I tried to shake her
but it wasn't enough
I hope you hang tough
I hope you come to understand that there's life outside of the relationship with the man you once loved
Cause when you wake up from the hypnotic state that once made you blind
You'll realize you had given up more than just the man you were leaving behind.
Written by
         ---, patty m, Léa Tran, ST Rossa, kennedy and 4 others
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