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Jun 11 · 158
home is not really home
take a stride in a room full of lurking shadows,
appalling wails and whines and spellbinding
sensations that make my chest wander for the
nth time in this walled twitterpated stead of
ours — of mine.

let the intoxicating fragrance of cigarette mixed with spilled coffee of lies and sham
disguised as loud kisses and delicate nights
guide you and be enthralled at how spruced our pictures are, together with the reverie
turned into shattered dreams.

but cautions must be taken — never stay for too long for it resembles a sanctuary of invisible arms drawn around my body that reminds me of how well loved and protected i am even in darkest times, a completely stupid hoax.
Jun 2 · 52
Flavours of Us
You told me I was bold and daring and I told you it was because of my distinctive taste — fiery like the taste of red, a pungent flavor against deceit and deception.

You were the opposite of a burning taste of spices — honeyed and flavorsome. I was astound when you boldly relished my lips full of sharp-tasting fears and doubts as if it was a sugar drizzle.

You invited me to savor every delectable flavors of you by your dulcified metaphors and feats that suddenly became bittersweet promises only to be left with an aftertaste of a sugarcoated happiness.

— The End —