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Mel May 2018
We hang in the void
between two ancient beings,
their skin grey and cracking,
their arms stretching high.

We take in the moments
and count them like tree rings,
our hearts soaring freely
as birds in the sky.
Mel Mar 2018
A wisp of grass
'neath gentle sun.
A chance to dance,
to leap and run.
A gust of wind,
now warm and wet,
that hints at hot -
though not quite yet.
The birds they chirp,
and bells are rung,
the time is nigh -
this spring has sprung
Mel Mar 2018
I used to love reading

apathy overtook me,
and I've watched my life slip by in ruins
with blurry eyes
and a hazy mind.

now I'm learning that
when you drink enough whiskey
it tastes
Mel Mar 2018
I shed my skin
in hopes of one day
waking with
memories of
fatal interactions intact
reacting to outside forces
rather than feeling feelings
I need to analyze
the rhymes I'm providing
and find myself once more
open the door
to the inside of my mind
and find who i am
behind all the walls I've built
pretty for other people to see
it ain't me
ain't us
ain't the me we need to be right now
or ever again
maybe begin
to question all the sins
we've been living in
these decades running together
like watercolor on a rainy day
make the pain go away
find our way to the end I pray
Mel Mar 2018
the feel of a scribble
a sentence
a sense of misdirection
of lips on skin
back off my baseline i'm running scared from something i can't see
lips on lips on ***** on me
lose myself in the back of my skull
let the words come from somewhere
fumbling bumbling like bees
nowhere to be seen
break my spine bending backwards for people with no intention of staying
cry so violently the earth rumbles and shakes around me
lose my temper like a volcano
lose friends like it's my profession
confess my sins to gods who were never listening
praise my own name
I am light
I am power
I am blood made from iron and flesh born from a ****** womb
write my way to a padded room
baby sized coffins for shoes
why fear mortality when all i want is to sleep forever
let my love rain down like shooting stars
burn it down until the pain stops
regrow like a pine barren
death every night
rebirth every morning
disorienting dualistic cycles of existence
endless circles down the drain
so just ******* kiss me
train of thought poem from sometime around the new year
Mel Mar 2018
I spoke with the ocean
and told her all about you,
how your flowing waves of green
remind me of her gentle blue.

I spoke about your eyes,
and the feel of every kiss.
She listened and she nodded,
and she said to write you this.

I spoke of our time together,
our sails flying at full mast.
This ship we've built is sturdy;
I have faith that it will last.
Mel May 2015
I met a boy
away from home
rolling across the way.
He made me feel
less alone
and lead my heart astray.

Though we spoke
and shared a kiss
we parted all the same.
My one regret
I was remiss
and don’t recall his name.
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