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hanaB Aug 2015
As the candle flickers hard to glow,
you are like the wind that blows it of.
hanaB Jun 2015
thinking what I did, to myself.
Cold thunder starts in the left side of my chest making it like a heavy hot bread. Along with the blues on the radio, slowly that cold thunder travels to my neck, then to my sides of my checks and behind my eyes, making them all numb. Like connecting all my insecurities. That coldness ends up hot on the top my eyes, making my entire body helpless. That blues comes with an upbeat, making my heart race. I run. I will run away into the ocean, until I numb the ocean.
  Jun 2015 hanaB
Love and lust are not compatible.
Don't fool yourself.
You'll end up hurting or dying.
  Jun 2015 hanaB
South by Southwest
The cold snow
fell upon the memories
and whited out the pain

The hungry wolf looks out
across the frozen tundra
and forgets his pain

Dreaming of a warm
summer rain
only to go out
and **** again

Knowing inside
is trapped
the lamb
in wolf clothing
hanaB May 2015
lost in the thought of your flaws
I drowned myself in my own flaws.
hanaB May 2015
Remember my name.
I've been turning the calendar pages with my bleeding hand.
I can't see you.
I still want to feel the warmth around me long nights under our favorite stars.

Clinging on the hope you showed year.
I can't deny, get me out ,
I want to wear pink, yellow and green and run flapping my hands in our favorite place.
hanaB May 2015
I, the selfish I.
I try to watch movies,
to forget you.
to forget that I am missing you.
to forget the pain.
You, the King of Egypt.
You've already erased me from your soul.
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