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N Chairannisa Apr 2020
How many wishes
Can a star hold
Before it falls from the sky
And you land on earth?
i seem to deal with stars a lot recently
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
The colours to illustrate you don’t exist,
and even if they did I still would miss,
a single shade or hue
that fully captures you.
Better than a Mona Lisa smile,
and Starry Starry Night eyes,
I tried for a mosaic but there was no perfect tile,
nothing could do justice, blasphemy to anyone that tries.

You’re a living, breathing masterpiece;
every gallery should be honoured to have you on their walls.
Too complex for graffiti on the streets,
too heavenly for concert halls.
I can write you; rainbow and tornado,
orbs of faint blue, and a grin of sweet day glow.
Oceanic waves and erupting volcano,
the sun’s ray that came on through,
and the embrace within the wind’s blow.

There isn’t a single brush head I could find,
that could stroke each corner of your mind,
it’s too complex and deep,
it’d be so stunning, it would make all weep.
Putting shame to an Impression, Sunrise
and casting shadows on Lady with an Ermine,
as just a simple picture of your eyes
would last eternally through time.

You’re a living, breathing masterpiece;
not meant for a mere mortal to possess.
Completely perfect personality, traits and feats,
every other human design was just a test.
I can write you, style and rhyme,
blindly bright, natural sunshine.
Digging only at surface to fit into each line,
but there’s no describing what connects it all or the bind.

I know the answer but if you said,
that your favourite colour was red,
I’d let myself bleed out to provide you some paint.
Non acrylic and totally free of lead,
I’d wish for you to illustrate the picture  within my head,
even if the proportions are wrong,
and the lines are blurred and faint.

You’re a living, breathing masterpiece;
completely impossible to duplicate.
Though unfinished you’re still complete,
amazingly flawless in this state.
I can write you; every day till I die,
until the pages and filled and my pens run dry.
Deep like the ocean, but bright like the sky,
and you’ll steal the hearts and breath of all passing by.
rgz Jul 2019
She shines like a rainbow in the night
a light, unbounded and free
Her warmth is a welcome respite
thawing the deepest freeze

Her lips a red velvet chorus
I can't help but overhear
She glows with the translucent aura
of a picturesque sunset sea

Buttercups turn to greet her smile
she'll lift your head with ease
Trees send their leaves for thousands of miles
just to be in her breeze

Her eyes are an ocean of opalescent blues
inviting the bold to dive in
and swim to a world of untold hues
her sparkle is unrivalled

In her violet dress and violent heels
The Devil would bare his soul for free
and so might I, for just a taste
the chance to lay her light to waste
first time I've gone back and edited a thing into a (hopefully better?) thing
sunshine Nov 2017
you crave for the original

              you want the latest edition

you beg for the rarest

                                    or the most real

but the only thing you're ever gonna get is


and you let me go like a wave tossed onto shore and pulled back in

i thought you wanted special

             i thought you wanted love

you told me you craved attention

                      but all you had was a broken heart
The cold snow
fell upon the memories
and whited out the pain

The hungry wolf looks out
across the frozen tundra
and forgets his pain

Dreaming of a warm
summer rain
only to go out
and **** again

Knowing inside
is trapped
the lamb
in wolf clothing

— The End —