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 Jul 2018 Hae Sun
Should I?
 Jul 2018 Hae Sun
Should I live or should I die?
Should I fall or try to fly?
No matter my will, my feet hit the ground,
So I bury my heart and hope it gets found.
 Jun 2017 Hae Sun
If love were enough, I wouldn't be cold while laying here beneath the sheets of the twin bed I've been sleeping in since I was a child. I used to tell myself that one day I wouldn't need to fall asleep to the sound of my mother breaking dishes in the kitchen. If love were enough to my father she wouldn't have had to find herself barefoot on tile floors with ****** hands. If love were enough they wouldn't have needed to pretend that their Sunday mornings were spent renewing the vows they once made to themselves before forgetting what forever feels like. If love were enough they wouldn't be sleeping in different cities every night. I have been trying to find a way to tell you that the cracks in my ribcage have been there long before I met you, broken from the nights I've spent screaming at my father to look into my mother's eyes and save her. Broken from the times I begged them both to plant seeds back into a soil they've stopped harvesting. Broken from the times I thought my existence was a burden they no longer had the patience to deal with. Broken from the times I wished I could be a forever they could sink their fingers into.

...But I told myself that it would be different for me. I told myself that I wouldn't be sleeping alone by the time I turned 18. That love would come to me in the form of someone who would actually make a promise and keep it.  I told myself that If love were enough you would be here tonight. I just turned 18, and all i've learned so far is that love is never enough; I can't remember the last time my hands weren't shaking and I can't remember why your name always tastes sweet on my tongue when I say it. But I can remember you telling me that one day it would be you and me dancing in the kitchen on Friday nights, and I'm wondering if that's before or after I get glass in my feet.
 Jun 2017 Hae Sun
Big Penguin
 Jun 2017 Hae Sun
Big Penguin
Hopelessly walking through life,
Quivering heart and soul,
We look for love at every turn,
I wait for love to find me,
As my heart isn't ready for another,
I will always help everyone I can,
One day my heart will be filled,
For now my heart will be for everyone else,
My mind will be the helping hand for others,
My lips will be the sound of joy and kind words,
For love is ever evolving and people need it more than ever...
 Jun 2017 Hae Sun
Terry Collett
You drive home
from work
to an empty flat.

You find it hard
to get used
to Eileen's death
after she lost
her long battle
with deep depression
and took her life
two years ago.

The traffic is busy
cars line up
behind each other
buses pass by
like giant green dinosaurs
in pursuit of prey.

You hope to meet
the girl you met
at the coffee bar
a date is fixed.

You are nervous
not wanting to put
a foot wrong
or give false signals.

You hate lying
in bed alone
no one to kiss
or hug close  
or make love to.

Just an empty space
where Eileen used to be
and you lie in bed
at night as if
on a frail raft
on a wild sea.
The world
has given you
so much pain,
but yet
you still
find the strength
to make art out of it.
I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd

— The End —