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FromMySoul Dec 2020
Make me quiet my mind, disregard these incessant desires
Assure me I’m deranged for wanting to touch you for hours upon hours
Tell me I’m crazy for believing in the things that I cannot see
I’m just hopeless for hoping there’s something between you and me
It’s just a fantasy and there’s no magic brewing between you and I
Bring me back to the logic that I so easily abandon and leave behind
Force me not to think about it, as I imagine all the friction and heat
Say I’m mad for wanting you to come so deep and hard inside of me
Tell me I’m immersed in insanity my lust for you has taken over my soul
And I’m a fool for begging you to take my body and assume control
Warn me I’m playing with fire and that I’ll eventually get burned
That I’m a lunatic with a bleeding heart that is never going to learn
FromMySoul Dec 2020
One look and it will all make sense, there will be no need for words
For a moment everything will cease to exist, fade into the background of this world
The past will be so far behind I will have no desire for reaching back
And my walls will slowly start to crumble as my foundation begins to crack
Rusted chains of incarceration will fade from just his touch
And the eyes of love will assure me that I truly am enough
Passionate thrusts of his pleasure will feel like the first and only time
Fears and doubts will subside as the moon and the stars align
My body firmly wrapped around him, his kisses hot on my lips
Sounds of ecstasy will escape me from the steady rhythm of his hips
Lightning will crash through us as he rolls like thunder through my soul
Past, present, and future will collide as my spirit finds its home
His puzzle pieces filling me as his lust and fire feed my hunger
Releasing himself into me when he succumbs to the spell I’ve fallen under
FromMySoul Nov 2020
You're like the needle in the haystack, a shining diamond in the rough
And I'm the broken record, going round and round, fearing I could never be enough
You're a rarity, a mystery, a sweet breath of unpolluted, fresh air
And I'm a beggar lying in the street, fearing there is no way I could ever compare
You're the innocent, the uncorrupted, the gentlest nudge towards the unknown
And I'm the guilty, the tarnished, the wanderer, fearing I'm not worthy of a home
You're the tender pull on the heart strings, the subtlest symphonies of love
And I'm the the rusted, bruised and used up chords, fearing I will never rise above
FromMySoul Nov 2020
I don’t want to hold you down, hold you back, suffocate your soul
And we made a deal we’re just going to go with the flow
So for you, I’ll ride this new current wherever it leads
Before it goes too far you should know the broken parts of me

I’ve been holding on to this heartache for so long now
I’m not sure I can let it go, not sure I know how
There is a comfort inside all of this stored up pain
Cause a heart’s that’s already broken can’t be broken again

I’ve been on the ins and outs of living in the past
You make me wonder if it’s time to let go of all that I never had
Is there a reason, maybe just a season or a lifetime spent alone
I was born with a drifters heart always searching for a home

I'm  idealizing, fantasizing...turning this into something it’s not
Through all this space and distance I guess my dreams are all I’ve got
But the sound of your voice ignited something and I know I want to be close to you
Little pulses of hope I thought were long lost but, maybe they’re just overdue
FromMySoul Nov 2020
I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t want to wake from this dream
Laying in this bed I’ll admit...I’m wishing you were next to me
Your words about making love  entice my soul to long for more
And I’m aware that my confessions can be a lot for one to endure
This yearning that’s within me is as strong as it’s always been
And I’m not saying it’s you that will be the one to save me from all of my sins
But I live inside my world of daydreams and I pretend that you do the same
I dream that you can see beyond the human, through the illusions and the shame
With the sound of my secrets surrendered, they echoed through the night
I slept in fear of what you would hear in the truth of the morning light
  May 2017 FromMySoul
Ten thousand leaves fell
with a single wisp of air
that escaped from your lips
as you smile;

that is how rapturously I fell in love
with you.
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