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Elvie Libby Jan 2018
Stop taking others' pain and making it your own. You see they need help and become jealous of their fragility? Make up your own problems and blame them why don't you? Yeah that's exactly what they needed, your blame. This was years ago, it's not about you or them anymore. You're the only one holding on.
Elvie Libby Feb 2016
I will lock myself in that room for hours. I will turn the light off and wait. I know plausibly that there is nothing that could want to rip my skin from bone in the darkness of my bathroom but I will sit and wait and wonder just in case anything ever could, would, should.
Maybe I am just waiting to feel.
Maybe I'm just very silly.

I am a sad little girl.
I have waited
Elvie Libby Feb 2016
All the double edged people and schemes,
they make a mess then go home and get clean.
A World Alone- Lorde
  Jan 2016 Elvie Libby
Lips are some of the
fiercest gates to Hell
that I've ever seen.
She's never been the type
that loves large crowds and
booming parties;
the stress of conforming
weighs too heavily on her
sensitive heart,
and quite frankly, most
people don't fall on the same
end of the color spectrum.

Everywhere on this earth is
home to her, and Mother
Nature is her muse.
A black sheep born with a
wild heart; an indigo
child infatuated
with change and fueled
by tranquility. She is the
virtuoso of her own authenticity.
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