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 Apr 2014 Felicity
Christa Lust
Set me on fire,
Don't let me fade
Put me into the battle
Let me create a world for no mind,
Just souls
That react purely with fight or flight.
There will be no windows in the walls.
Just cement cells.
Where people cry and wale
Walking in circles, squares, zigzagging
For 1000 miles
In a 10 by 10 box,
A battle that will lead to nothing
Put me in
Set me on fire
Eminem - beautiful  
Mia and Jonah - rooms
 Apr 2014 Felicity
It does not matter that it is me.
Although I look for you in everyone I see.
 Jan 2014 Felicity
a year ago
you told me
that i am
filled with

(( ))
 Dec 2013 Felicity
Terry Collett
What's a Mongol?
Della asks Froggie,
her cousin. He sits
beside her on her bed,

flicking through her
CDs. What people
used to call people
with Downs, he says,

taking out a Talking
Heads album, gazing
at the cover. Why?
Who said it? Della

stares at him, tongue
resting on her lower
lip, her eyes bright,
drinking him all in.

Man on the bus said
to me. The *******,
Froggie says. *******?
Della looks at Froggie's

tattooed hands. Not
nice person, he says.
She lays her head on
his tattooed arm. He

flicks some more CDs.
Man said sit elsewhere
to me. If I'd been there,
I'd have floored him.

Floored him? Della
twirls a finger in a lock
of hair. Flattened the
***. She closes her bright

eyes, imagines the man
flattened. Did you? What?
Sit elsewhere. She nods.  
I'd have thrown him off

the fecking bus, Froggie
says, taking out an Oasis
album and turning it over.
She opens her eyes, rubs

her head on the tattooed arm.
Man said I shouldn't be
out in public. Why? Said
they used to lock my type up.

Who was this prat? Don't
know. Stranger on the bus.
Froggie puts down CDs and
rubs her head.  She looks at

him, feels his hand rubbing
her head. Never should have
been locked up years ago,
Froggie says. Were they?

Yes, Uncle said they were,
he worked in a mental hospital
years back. Why? Froggie
kisses her head. People were

ignorant or ashamed; locked
them out of sight. Why?
She hugs Froggie's tattooed
arm. Don't know, Del. She

closes her eyes. Tears seep.
Run her cheek. Froggie wipes
them off with his finger and
licks it. Not worry crying over.

She kisses his arm, hairy,
tattooed, blue and red, yellow.
Put on the Stone Roses. Della
takes the CD and puts it on her

lap top and sits next to Froggie.
They kiss lips and rub noses.
People used to call people with Downs Syndrome, Mongols or Mongoloids.
 Nov 2013 Felicity
Mike Hauser
Can I please have a do-over

Can I start all over again
Can this life I've lived for so many years
Be tossed back into the bin

Can I please have a do-over

Till there is nothing left
Toss a coin into the fountain of life
Wish away all my regrets

Can I please have a do-over

Take all of my past mistakes
Put them all into a box
By the curb to be tossed away

Can I please have a do-over

A slight bend of the rules
For those of us that are a mess
Playing the part of a fool

Can I have a do-over...please
 Nov 2013 Felicity
i wish i wasn't
so ****
 Oct 2013 Felicity
Mike Hauser
If I could go back in time

The first thing I would do

Is take every line from all loves rhymes

And give them all to you
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