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Christa Lust May 2013
Set me on fire,
Don't let me fade
Put me into the battle
Let me create a world for no mind,
Just souls
That react purely with fight or flight.
There will be no windows in the walls.
Just cement cells.
Where people cry and wale
Walking in circles, squares, zigzagging
For 1000 miles
In a 10 by 10 box,
A battle that will lead to nothing
Put me in
Set me on fire
Eminem - beautiful  
Mia and Jonah - rooms
Christa Lust Nov 2012
When I tried
You told me I will be beside you
When I told you I was hard to love
There was no response
Was that for my own good?
I've been to the moon and have had the realizations of a starving artist
You knew that,
You knew I had no warmth,
And when I left I would always becoming back
I was never gone to stay
I know that you loved me
I know that you wanted to come to the moon with me
That you wanted to understand my art
I knew that when you left
You were gone to stay,
You are gone to stay
But you were never mine.
And I will always be yours

— The End —