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michael 3d
dripping droplets from the sky fall upon me from so high;
dancing patter as they land leaving chatter so very grand
aplenty puddles made of dye, a muddled raid from the sky
how we ran in this land forever forgetting of old Time's sand.
title explains it all
michael 6d
drifting in and out of the light
i'm greeted by something so very bright
hold me as i pass into the river of time
maybe i'll be held accountable for my crimes

and it's only right
so please hold me tight
i want to feel your warmth as i go
six crows

please don't be sad when i arrive
this is where we all strive
i know i seem low
but i'm so happy to go

i know you'll cry while i'm away
and that's okay
live your life to the fullest
because your soul is like a star, fulgent

i'm so dizzy
i'm so chilly
i'm so sorry

where am i?
where am i?
where am i?
michael 7d
a lone flower
amid the plentiful, green grass
your petals brighter than the sun you bask in
the wind guides your hand in a beautiful dance,
and i just wish to hold you
but to disturb you would be a crime
so i'll just watch from afar
as you captivate everyone around you,
as you dance amid the plentiful, green grass
pretty flower
michael 7d
i'll stare at the wall until the sun illuminates the room,
making faces out of shadows of people i once knew.
maybe it's all a dream within my head,
and i'll wake up just to start again,
or i'll become nothing at all,
i just know that i'm here now,
listening to the birds sing their melodies in the sweet morning dawn,
and the waves rise just to fall again,
just like us all.
michael Feb 8
black mountains above the golden sand,
in this dream i'll seek your hand,
indifferent to the laws of time,
i'll walk forever beneath its shine,
seeking the memories that were once mine.

for my heart has a delicate brand,
one that i cannot stand,
so i'll look for the cure in rhyme,
until they play my pretty chimes
in the land of golden clime.
pretty chimes :)
michael Feb 8
what a dream
you're with me again
and the sun rises with such gleam

on your angel's skin
feeling your angel's kiss
entering your angel's bliss

and you're just so pretty
and you're with me
in my head

for sadly
you are dead
i never know how to tag my stuff
michael Feb 5
You just don't understand.
A feeling sprouts inside of me,
A feeling I can't withstand.
I want you to see:

Floating in the Atlantic,
No land in sight,
The waves frantic,
The cold bites.

With salt in my eyes,
I promise I'll leave,
This ocean of lies,
So I may see, so I may breathe.

How much longer?
It's so somber.
haven't being feeling that well recently, hoping to feel better soon! expressing myself usually helps.
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