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michael Feb 27
the heart is divinely dull,
so angels sing and we begin to fall--
down, down into nothing for

waiting within love's red door,
is hell's hot floor;
forever burning bright it glares--

into the eyes of those consumed by flare,
and however sad it may be,
the singing angels do not pity thee,

so burn and burn into a black char,
consume yourself with the fires of the heart,
as the ******* does so happily,

for heaven is only a balcony--
cold without sting or pain,
you dance in hell refusing to be tamed.
michael Feb 26
my head is attached by a sliver-string--
swinging, like the tires in spring,
it scrapes the floor beneath heaven harshly--
leaving bruises and marks drawn darkly,
and like Dumpty, the doctors tried to cling
head to body, but it never wished to be a whole thing,
so it dangles below knee ever so tiredly--
collecting scars as if lying beside a howling harpy;
inside me, i can feel the dirt begin to sing,
somber melodies of an ancient and rotting king;
he stands beneath me seeking a heart-beat--
whispering of dreams now sunken and obsolete

for now he wears worms for rings,
and I'm forever cursed with this sliver-string.
spooky scary skeletons
michael Feb 25
an ancient moon collides with shadows on the yonder;
wander the forbidden forge, soon stars will blunder,
the All, scourged with lore from daemons ashore--
it breaks and roars as we dance forevermore;
free your core from the chains wrapped around the golden door,
see sand drift and shake becoming nothing for
man has left his kingdom and begun to soar,
and Malkuth was always such a boring chore--
consumed by things that ought to be deplored;
watch as i cut my mortal cord!
michael Feb 24
plentiful fish in the ocean, i exist
so brutal in your existence-
congregating and swimming to survive
to be alone is to die,
a stranger is a threatening hook in sunken eyes,
but your reflection glows beautifully and right
you respect the sharks that rip on instinct-
then cackle at the coral torn and sundered,
while mating like no other
pumping out sister and brother,
mirrors and doppelgangers-
swimming, congregating, *******,
until the great God hook takes you-
squirming, you suffocate and cry
the coral watching you suffer and dry.
fishy business
michael Feb 20
sitting steadily beneath the land,
lies a plain rock like socks or sand,
forming and morphing so beautifully,
holding a treasure so crucially

for only if they knew how much you were worth,
how quickly you'd be unearthed.
nature is always a good metaphor
michael Feb 20
i wish you'd stay
but it's the end of the road
and all things go back this way
so farewell i bode
michael Feb 15
dripping droplets from the sky fall upon me from so high;
dancing patter as they land, leaving chatter so very grand
aplenty puddles made of dye, a muddled raid from the sky
how we ran in this land forever forgetting of old Time's sand.
title explains it all
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