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 Apr 2017 Eden
 Apr 2017 Eden
She always bring
her moon called friendship to play
One day
When we are playing
I found a crack
on the moon
a misunderstanding
something hit me very strong
went and closed my door
she came and started
Knocking my door and window
A true display
Am afraid of her true friendship
and my qualifications
But decided to remove
my doors and windows
She may blow it
out of friendship!!!
 Apr 2017 Eden
Isha Kumar
 Apr 2017 Eden
Isha Kumar
I don’t know where to begin,
where to start,
or where to end
and where to stop.

I don’t know how to tell you what’s on my mind.
There are so many words missing, words I can’t find.
Because my mind is a warzone, it is a battlefield.
And my shield is broken and my weapons are blunt.
There’s nothing and no one to protect me in a war against myself.

I scream and I scream, and my skin, my voice bleed and I hope I wake up and it’ll all just be a dream. But it’s not, it seems.
I feel shunned though I have been told I’m loved, and that those who’re around me, who surround me love me.

But I find it hard to believe it now.

Time flies so fast for me
or does it stand still, I don’t know.
Minutes to hours, hours to days.
And it’s getting difficult for me to see
beyond the fog that clouds my thoughts, my eyes.
So I put on a mask
And do the impossible task
Of waking up every day
as I struggle to put on the play.

But the problem never goes away.

I slowly start shutting myself out from people,
stop going to places that are crowded
all the while enjoying being shrouded in the dark of my room.

I feel doomed.

I don’t like to cook,
I don’t feel like reading a book.
All satisfaction is gone and
I don’t know what’s wrong.

I don’t enjoy the things I used to.

There’s no purpose for me,
I feel.
No motivation.
Everything is just white noise.
Everything is static.

So I stand here now,
tired and weary,
at a path
so dark and dreary
leading to different directions,
all the while thinking

**I don’t want to exist anymore.
 Apr 2017 Eden
Mark The Vagabond
I hope i was the only one
going into love
Thinking it'd be fun ;
excuse me
For those many moments i was loopy
scribbling my hatred into notebooks and looseleaf..
Eyes covered well
excited by your voice
Following your smell
i threw away my shell
To keep up with the pace
but then you said farewell
As far as i could tell..

— The End —