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Eden May 2017
We can only dig so deep
beneath our skins.
We are merely animals.
I am a women with possibilites,
an apple one in a million hunted
My mysteries are to remain legend
And I intend to keep it that way.
© Salamasina Talaepa
Eden Apr 2017
I was assembled in carful manner,
like an artist with a brutal wrist
learning to be gentle at the hand
With his fingers a stroke per touch was liquid fire... and the ambers bled.

In an age of chaste- my uniform and I elaborated together,
right before the architect checked in.

To measure our dogma
do we have the skill of a plank?
Grown enough, he'd engage me at force.

The utensils of my porcine frame had
taken attention- and tention
off from his sore eyes.
Across the alley walls where we wildly grind, contrary
to a man compelled.
And like a beast, he took liberty
in between walls my temple built,
and broke them back down
to a soundly fever.
© Salamasina Talaepa
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Eden Apr 2017
tastes like
a clipped wing
falling from heaven.
A spill
from my mouth
leave the rose
in pixie dust air
on the throne
of my tongue- dancing
so my words can send
rainbows to hill tops
reaching the sky.
© Salamasina T.
Eden Apr 2017

-Evidently, a push over is not a factor to me-

The propaganda on a troubled tongue
will spoil truth, by a coal miner's lung
I dive into that crazy sarcasm, chucking spit
slammin' pessimistic tactic on holy writ's
Word of the "everyday" is just simply "stop"
I cream like a bee, melt it down like a lollipop
I put road block on every crooked corner

keep on the path with my

... sword

... shield

... and amor

Durning my journey I slay every red dragon
I **** with mighty wings like a Queen of Athens
I roach clip the weeds and lawn the poison Ivey
I hand them out word life but it come spicy
they struggle to handle yet they forfeit equality
Because when if they stop to think about it
Their own souls are like lonely vagrant ships

I gather an eye from
each of them red dragons

... tossed

... trashed

... abandoned

© 2016 Salamasina Talaepa
  Apr 2017 Eden
She always bring
her moon called friendship to play
One day
When we are playing
I found a crack
on the moon
a misunderstanding
something hit me very strong
went and closed my door
she came and started
Knocking my door and window
A true display
Am afraid of her true friendship
and my qualifications
But decided to remove
my doors and windows
She may blow it
out of friendship!!!
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