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  Mar 2015 Matthew Bourgeois
I loved you ..
And  you meant so much..

I never thought that
I 'd cry this much
Just for me to see
That you're never going to be here with me..


I'm screaming
I'm shaking
I'm wishing
that someday
you'd look back
and say that you  miss me too..

I'm begging to stop
from this chaotic sanity.

Biting my lip,
whispering to the air.

*I love you.
I wish you knew.
I just wanted to let you know....
I hate you.
I hate everything about you.
The way you talk.
The way prioritize work over developing a relationship with your son.
How you constantly put me down when I make mistakes.
How you somehow think yourself superior to everyone else when your intelligence level is mediocre at best.
How you make me hate myself.
How you set unrealistic standards.
I hate EVERYTHING about you.
I hate that we share the same gene pool.
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