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I feel like we're growing apart
Like I don't talk to you near as much
As I used to.
Now, I find myself retrieving sustenance.
In silence.
I'm happier alone than I am with people.
I'm awkward in groups.
I'm quieter than I was.
And there's no one for me to open up to.
But if there is...
Please come forward....
Because I need you.
  Apr 2015 Matthew Bourgeois
Ocean Blue
Dreaming of you throughout the day,
Meeting your smile in every rainbow,
Looking at pics of you last May,
Catching your voice in each echo,
Watching the news of where you live,
Searching for you after you leave,
Behind each word, each poem,
Was it you ? And the message you chose,
Where I read Je t'aime
Maybe you mean someone close?
Counting in years,
Before our paths meet again,
Because you know
Against time I never complain.
And of course, my heart,
Oh for you never stops to beat and hurt.
So, Darling, please
You tell me... if this is not Love,
What it is.*

Definitely somewhere between longing and slavery...
To my **earbuds

For being there
When no one else was

Thank you
For keeping me alive
When I craved death

When I saw nothing but hate
You gave me true love

And thank you
For helping me build my wall
I'm slowly separating myself from everything. You'll be lucky if I let you in.
I don't need
no arms around me.
And I dont need
no drugs to calm me.
I have seen
the writing on the wall.
Don't think I need
anything at all.
Don't think I'll need
anything at all.
All in all
it was all
just bricks in the wall.
All in all
you were all
just bricks in the wall.
I don't need your false love.
All in all
It's just another
Brick in the
Thank you for
Once again reminding
Me that I
Will never
Be good enough.
I miss wanting to be awake

I would stay up all night and hide under my cover and read till dawn
Then try very hard to pretend I had a good night of sleep
Truth was, I had the best night of no sleep.

I miss wanting to be awake

I would go to school and wait impatiently to go home
So I could bake a cake before my parents came back
I would mess it up, eat it raw, it was amazing

I miss wanting to be awake

I would keep my eyes open for hours if you would just text me once and
The smile on my face, nothing can compare
I would be the first one up because you were the last one down
And everything with us was a competition.
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