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Diana Iriz Oct 2015
The things I would say if I had the chance
Will always repeat in the small breaths I take
To let them slip out, rather than watching them dance
A major catastrophe upon they will make
Because those three words that embody romance
Would only be spoken whilst my voice shake
Diana Iriz Oct 2015
Grey eyes
Pale skin
Love me from within

You held me close
as we both sinned
Love me from within

You told me lies
With wry grins
Love me from within

Pricked by roses
leaked heroine
Love me from within

*One last breath
and held it in
Love me from within
Diana Iriz Jul 2015
Unwrap me like a present
Like I'm your greatest gift
Rough waters turned to pleasured waves
I'm surely sent adrift

A crescendo fills my lungs
and sings with bitten lips
We dance in sheets til night is done
hands vine with tensioned grips

Eyes flutter shut like angel wings
Love drips like heaven's rain
The kiss of wine turned to poison
Love's passion turned to pain

The feelings meant for movies
Our times of hungered bliss
These times that are only left
for me to reminisce
Diana Iriz Nov 2014
Sometimes I want to be madly in love
and go places

run away in your pickup
pick roses from the Botanical Garden
run in slow motion on the beach
scream on top of roofs
scratch our chins in local art galleries
make faces at little kids in the park
hide behind the liquor store aisles
look down from the eiffel tower
look up and stargaze in the middle of a highway
lay in bed that has too many pillows
sit on the kitchen counter with coffee at 2AM
talk about the universe like we owned it
and go on movie dates
Diana Iriz Oct 2014
He said so with a stern look
like he had been lied to for the first time
and I said
The last hug you gave me was
your most genuine out of all
the other ones you gave
if I were to stay

I guess I just wanted to feel
something different
I guess I just wanted to feel
Diana Iriz Oct 2014
Fall in love with a girl who loves the Galaxy
She daydreams of being apart of something
so complexed, so beautiful
something much bigger than herself

Fall in love with a girl who loves thunderstorms
She's haunted by something
so gloomy, so frightening
something that cries and screams for her

Fall in love with a girl who loves sunny days
She's immersed in something
so happy, so bright
something she can't waste until dusk
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