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Diana Iriz Oct 2014
I’m on the verge of killing everyone
So there won't be an excuse
For no one to love me
(I'd **** you if I could
But *******
I'm addicted to the life in your eyes)
Diana Iriz Sep 2014
it is not love if you rush into haste
if this is your way to love, let it lay to waste
because you're just being poisoned
by a divine yet wicked taste
Diana Iriz Apr 2014
(I) (want) a guy
Who will hug me tight
When I am about (to) (scream)
Who will kiss (every) inch of me
When we settle in bed
Who will bring me coffee
In my (waking)
Who will be with me
In every (moment) of everyday
Who will make me laugh
(When) (I) (am) feeling down
Who will run away with me
(Without) a second thought
Who will say ‘I love (you)’
When I need to hear it the most
I need you
(I need you)
I need you
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