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destiney dawn Nov 2017
I wish you were there when I was crying on the floor. My knees ****** and my eyes sore.

I wish you could have seen the look on my face. Every time my brain whispered your name.

I wish you heard my shouting. Sentences I rehearsed for hours. Just to tell you I'm angry.
I'm angry.
I'm angry.
It never worked.

I wish you could have helped me when I drowned in my sorrows.

But you never was one for love and compassion. I should know.
#im #broken #poetry #love #sad
  Nov 2017 destiney dawn
Imran Islam
I am an optimistic youth
I sing songs of green day
The night wants a new day
So I'll be brighter and stronger!

If someone ever hurts me
I'll stay close to him forever
To get success in my life
I'd be patient in the suffering.

If you don't like my happiness
Still I will be friends with you
Tell you, you are my beloved
There is no happiness in this.

Whenever the wrong path calls me
I will not go, I'll never go that way
I'd never take bad and ugly things
I'll take the good and loving things.
destiney dawn Jul 2017
People always tell you to "face your fears"

And everyday that our hands collide,
You hug me close to your chest so tight I can smell nothing but your expensive cologne I got you for Christmas,
Trusting you with my laughs,
My honesty,
My love.

It's the biggest thing I'm scared of because loving  you is my greatest fear. How do you know you are driving off the cliff on a foggy morning? You fall.

And now I feel like I'm falling so abruptly, and I won't be able to get up.

Cause when you finally break my heart I won't even have enough heart to tell myself " i   T  o  l d    Y  o   U  S   O "
destiney dawn Jul 2017
The most important thing I've learned this summer is that it's okay if I am my own best friend.

I learned to love myself, and not to be sad when someone else treats me bad or if someone doesn't Treat me the way I treat them, cause the only person who will always be there for me at the end of the day, and every night is me.

I learned to give myself a break, sometimes Not everything is my fault. I'm not useless.

And most importantly, when no one else loves me, I know that I always will.
destiney dawn Apr 2017
bruised forearm, and broken heart. I was denial that this would start.

You smiled my way and fed me sweet lies. The second we were alone that's when I wanted to die.

The screeching was heard through the plexiglass but it never left these four walls. You kept me trapped.

SHAKING became the only h u m a n l y thing that I posses.

You kidnapped my heart I was t r a p p e d.
I should have listened to the signs. Like when you questioned me a hundred times about my guy friend.

Maybe, if I would have notice you were so belligerent. I would still be here.
But, I am gone.
And you feel like you have done nothing          w r o n g
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