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Rob Kingston Aug 2016
And of love
who raises the questions
that the heart
has little power
to control
Rob Kingston Aug 2016
strange fruits
the jug empties
with mixed comments
Rob Kingston Feb 2016
talons extended
he take a bit of the lake
into the sunset
Rob Kingston Feb 2016
They swallow another piece of spiel
From a government who likes to deal
Not for the sake of humanity
Not for the sake of sanity
All for their bigoted view
So as business sits clearly on a higher pew.

A visit to the doctor this day
An offer of division on display
No direction to an internal source
Instead an offer to undermine our health care’s course.

How many are blind to this cause
A wrenching feeling cause’s pause
Not for the sake for changes sake
More for the knowing this course is fake

Those of ignorant stand
Who take the pill of this disband
Will hopefully live to see the day
When their ill judgement sees their heads in hands of dismay

So here we are this devilish deed in swing
No cause or desire for sweet birds to sing
The sombre day is almost here
When for your life's graft you will pay dear
No freedom to draw from taxes paid
Your last breath lies with the decision you made.
Rob Kingston Feb 2016
Perplexed by the lack of emotion
This service once the fight of the nation
Little thought now that war was won
Little thought to who receives the funds

One nation is what was told
All services were once ours to hold
Now the deeds of greedy done
The profits to them shall become

The needy the poor will rot in the gutter
Whilst a city is built like no other
Care not for the want or needs
The delinquency has sown its seeds

No blankets in a harsh winter
No shelter for the wars that splinter
Gone the door where free could roam
Pay your dues again or face the laws at your home

Do not whinge nor whine
Your lapse behavior sees you fine
When its you that seeks their wares
You will find a cost too much to bare

When your cut or wound lays rotting
Reflect your moment of desertion
Remember this the choice was yours
You chose to watch as they dismantled
The Nations Health service and Closed the doors.
Rob Kingston Dec 2015
it is the morn of Christmas Eve
as the bright star remains up high
guiding all to the special one
that watches from beyond the sky

providing a beacon of hope
for all those that choose to believe
there in the sight of everyone
at tough times and in those moments we grieve

hear the chorus of angels
as they sing softly his sweet songs
for this night will again be a special one
in righting all those things that's wrong.

Merry Christmas to all my friends,

may your world be filled with happiness, may your world be filled with glee
may your world be filled with all the simple things that true loving bequeaths.
Rob Kingston Dec 2015
I love the movement of the weeping willow tree
it's outstretched branches,
it's leaves like stretched out lips.

I love the way she dances when sat upon a river bank,
with all the beauty that rides beneath.

I love her cape that whispers sweet nothing's
as we sit together beneath her crown,
resting, drinking Indian lemon tea
whilst the world just rotates around.
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