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Darnell Jan 2015
Compassion the last one that enters the room
A key trait that isn't groomed
A true character the teachers don't teach
A pure thing that leaches won't leach
Compassion the leader to happiness
The follower of sorrow
Compassion something you can't barrow - d.j. Turner
Darnell Jan 2015
We continuously make a fool of ourselves, unconsciously for the enjoyment of others, not lacking the self esteem self belief on the contrary we're encouraging individuals who slide through the ******* getting nicks an nacks ticks an tacks on our hearts an our backs slaps an pats patronized for our looks an our hooks the way dance or we cook we guide you through life like an open book but then treated like an unknown crook, but look I'm not shook  I won't be that crook I slide through ******* getting nicks an nacks ticks and tacks on my heart an my back because I don't lack and I won't look back I'm way stronger then that.
Darnell Jan 2015
What if what is what if
They say What if, but is it this, is acknowledging the unknown what's bliss
If I skipped a few Christmas's would my life end like this
What if they knew you'd be the best thing in they life, would that change what they missed, fumbling at they lips, as if they gave two *****
What if our focus was on what's next
So many stress over they ex clearly saving they text never pondering what next what next
What if people didn't have to get wake up calls to drastically alter they rights, what if we ALL stood together for what's Right!
D.J. Turner
Darnell Jan 2015
They want you to fall,
they think it's a trick, walking that walk, talking with they hips.
Oh did I mention they lips, looking all luscious them lips, speaking so firm, moving so swift, every word seems to be a gift.
Mind of queen well that's what we'd wish, but they've all come in different shifts, some barring not a single gift, an some the same ****, doing all the things that they wish, but it's the lies that lay behind her eyes that gets me every time, time, an time again tucking her head beneath my chin
Every man in this moment forgetting all sins
Her eyes soul searching, searching for another angle to get him in the trap, trap traping, love tapping just to stab him Right in the back.
D.J. Turner
Darnell Jan 2015
I'm weird I'm weird and I get it
Living on a narrow road not to be timid without the tips on my own route without giving a ****
I'm weird I'm weird and I get mindfully free of flaws not to be timid, been being so caring trying not to be livid, but my minds been opened to the chaos we try not to see but we live with all the fullery and fuckery they giveth
I'm weird I'm weird and I get it
But who are you to tell me to get with it being of the being living where they kick it wanting of the norm your part of what makes me livid an where l get timid tangled in web with the no hope to ditch it
D.J. Turner
Darnell Jan 2015
Laying on the floor
Wanting this no more but thankful for the peace that I find when I lay
Day after day wanting a way to get where I got to get some day
Been waiting a few years an dodged a few fears but that's nothing I got to say
We wished itd be hours instead smell the flowers cause love an success ain't gone come when we say
D.J. Turner
Darnell Nov 2014
The lust of the eye can take you far, but is it the path you need to go?

Moving down the river of adventure flow, doing things alone none

would ever know, is this the path to my greatest show, smoothly

gliding on a cloud of hope; hope hope hope, a four letter word with so

much meaning to change a nation, facing a crises of disloyalty running

through the veins of a injustice system, We call "the government,"

teaching us less an less about love, an more about greed blinding us to see our true paths..

Love; what is that? Taken from homes before you where even known,

teaching us Hate, grinding on hate, searching for faith, an some then

else to grasp to, gasping for air, it's clear the corruption will see you

through the darkness in your darkest hour, who do you call on God, it's

clear he's here, but are you thinking in the clear living in a nation built mainly on fear!

D.j.Turner #dobetter people #woh
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