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Danielle Sep 2014
Nostalgia fills my bones,when i past by old park benches.
I can feel your breath, on my neck when the air blows
Nights feel empty, and the days look dark,
When i walk into a coffee shop,
I can feel the ghost of you hand entwined with mine.
At nights i try and picture what it would be like with you next to me,
but you are a memory, a ghost, you never existed. I am trying to forget,
that you were never here, but that’s like trying to forget how to breathe.
The sun has burnt up, everything is cold, i have frozen to death.
Danielle Sep 2014
I have lived many lives, and have seen exotic places.
New people join me on my adventures, but they all leave and are replaced.
I haven’t been there in awhile, mostly because it’s gone.
Atleast i thought it was, but hope has been struck like lightning.
A minute there, then gone,warned me that something is coming.
An oncoming storm, coming fast, and unyielding.
I will get there soon, stay where you are,
don’t move.
this is inspired by Doctor Who.  after he finds out that gallifery is still there.
Danielle Sep 2014
You left, not only me but everything.
You’re a different person, drowning in dark brown liquids,
your judgment clouded by noxious smoke. You used to be a hero,
now what are you? A constant nagging in the back of my mind.
Your memory attacks me, living in the residence, in which you stayed;
but it’s not the memory that leaves me for dead, it's the fact that,
even in the reality that I dwell in you come, uninvited;
demanding me to come to your rescue, when it’s me,
who needs you the most
Danielle Sep 2014
I like him a lot, but does not see me.
he only sees the person whose shadow,
I am engrossed in. I don't mind he can not see.
I am like the pigeons in Central Park
common and ordinary. But
I may not know who, someone is there.
He is there, He can see me, He is the one
who watches me fly, the one who is
kind enough to leave bread crumbs. Who is patient enough to wait and watch.
I may lust after him, but I was the one who was blind to Him.
I wrote this poem, after I got over this guy I liked. He liked my friend, and doesn't even speak to me. but I soon realized that he wont ever like me, so I got over him, and I am waiting for the right one.
Danielle Nov 2014
Circles are predictable, they

have no edges, no sharp, quick turns, but

are continuous the same path,and the same

outcome. But circles are dangerous, they can trap us

They keep us in a continuous cycle of lies,

and habits that hurt us. Isn’t that what happened to you?

You got stuck in your own little cycle, and hurt all of

us, not just you. Watching you go through this cycle,

like car driving on a race track. Going so fast to end up,

in the same place. What happens when you run out

gas? you’ll just stop, stop driving, because this

circle kept you going till you ran out, left you empty

done, depleted, dead.

— The End —