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Cris Artist Dec 2015
how can I park on your heart,
if there's  no spark?
I just beware of the dog
who's loudly bark
and now I'm deing in the dark

Cris Artist Nov 2015
raining outside,
no one on my side
baby you're on my mind,
because your so kind

rain is already stop,
I'm still here, thinking of my next rock,
I felt, I want some nap
now, I'm just keep on tap

when I'm just thinking someone special
Cris Artist Nov 2015
It's so cool,
'coz I'm such a fool
I trust his/her full,
Now I'm like a bull

Cris Artist Nov 2015
I admit I'm not perfect,
but you're still here with me to protect
No words can explain,
the happiness I gain
With you I'm feeling blessed,
'cause you're trully the best.


— The End —