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Aug 2018
I used to be that girl
Had a roof over my head,
but not sheltered
Prison was my abode
Tied down by a ring on my finger And a piece of paper
Signed away my liberty
Sealed it with a kiss
I guess not everyone
Who kisses you loves you Remember Judas Iscariot?
His kiss marked the fountain-head Of Jesus' tribulation
As your kiss marked mine
My smile was beatific
When all around me was pulverizing to dust
I counterfeited contentment Comforted myself with false hope
That things would change
Yet getting worse and worse by the day
Reposing with the adversary Night after night
Fights, arguments and misunderstandings
Were a daily norm
Time is yet to heal
What immeasurable, intense Torture has done to my heart
A tattered and marred spirit
How can time mend
Feelings of loneliness and betrayal, battered and molested
Is there an end
To this barbaric nature
Hard indeed it is to accept
When the one who's supposed to love
Becomes your greatest nightmare I was there
Walked in these shoes
Shed the same tears
Learnt the hard way,
That I have to stand and fight Fight for my freedom
And the independence of my children
I found the victor in me
And not the victim I refused to be another
Statistic of domestic violence
I drew strength from within
And walked away.
Dedicated to every woman living in abuse. You are not a victim. You are a Victor. You just need to draw strength from deep within and recover your dignity. You are not alone. Many walked have walked this road with you and survived although some were not so lucky. But you are alive, arise and walk away! Stand up and fight for your freedom. You were created to be loved and cherished and not abused.
I love you.... whoever you are.
Constance van Niekerk
Written by
Constance van Niekerk  South Africa
(South Africa)   
       Fawn, ---, sunprincess, Moni and Pradip Chattopadhyay
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