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Africa, Oh Africa!
Africa, Oh Africa!

My Motherland,
Why not take pride
in who you are?
When you converse,
You use the language of the West.
The offspring of the same parents,
And still use the language of the West.
Your own children try to distance themselves
and dress and talk like
Those from the West.
Your airwaves are filled with music,
Fast beats, foul language
and heavy metal from the West.
Even the food you eat
All processed and purchased
From the West.
Your fields are dry.
You laugh at traditional foods and ceremonies.
You have forgotten who you are.
Your heritage cries out
From the depths of the tombs
you're filling up with immorality
and your self-destructive ways.
You despise who are,
You ridicule who you are,
You try so hard to change
Who you are
Your heroes and comrades
In entertainment and politics
In the community, the society
Have been overshadowed
By those from the West.
Remember them,
Revere them,
More so alive than after death.
Resurrect Ubuntu,
Show a little compassion
For a fellow who needs it.
Stop the hate, tribalism
And racism.
This path of destruction
Will get you nowhere.
Let peace rule in the Motherland.
Respect your elders,
Salute the teachers
Who try to lead your youth
In the right direction.
Teach your children well
Violence is not the way
The pen is still mightier
Than the sword
Eradicate illiteracy
End child labour and
Honour, love and protect
Your women and children.
They will give you respect
and happiness in return.
Follow the footprints
Of your forebears.

Live in harmony with

Africa, Oh Africa!
Africa, Oh Africa!

Take note
Before it's too late!
I'm not at all criticizing the West, but I feel as Africans we're forgetting our culture and heritage. Our youth do not like talking in their mother-tongues. They do not like anything to do with our tradition... we will soon be a people without roots if we do not retrace our steps now.
So you call him 'Prince'
I don't castigate you at all
He treats you like royalty
It's just the beginning,
I know
The inception of your relationship
The honeymoon phase
I presume
You can't believe your luck
You're in pure bliss
I see
Flowers, chocolates and sweet nothings
It is surreal
Enjoy it while it lasts
Soon he will be tired of being
Who he isn't
The shoes will be too tight
There won't be any more pretending

By and by
The animal will replace the gentleman
Slowly but surely
He will break you down with his insults
He will beat you up with his fists

One of these not-so fine days
Love will turn to loathe
Your palace will turn into a prison
The Prince will turn to a Villain
Jealousy you may say
Prophet of Doom you may label me
Forerunner is more appropriate
Consider yourself
To the woman he's loving now
My love runs behind you
hoping for you to slow down
So you can see it's real
Not just a mirage of your past heartbreaks

Jl 2017
Love is
accepting someone in their brokenness
choosing to stay with their imperfections
giving them solid ground to grow roots
and call your heart home

Love is
finding someone in the labyrinth of their pain
the wreckage of their marred past
the fragments of their broken heart
then you
hold their hand and tell them
you are not going anywhere

Love is
Going to the lost and found
selecting a ***** rag
unwanted and hopeless
then you
wash it, mend it and wear it like
it's a royal gown
show it off like it's the first one
and handle it with care for
it is the only one

Love is
Picking up a stray
spoil it with tender loving care
shower it with affection
and watch it stand strong and tall
ooze with confidence like the lion king
spread it's wings like a majestic bird
bloom like a rose in the desert
and warm your heart
like the morning winter sun's rays

Love is
not having the perfect partner
but it is
having a willing partner
that someone who wants
to make it work with you
no matter what

*Love is
you and I
for T.D.K
Dear fellow poets
I've had to delete some of my poems here because they've been published in my debut poetry collection 'Echoes of My Heart'.

I'd like to thank you all for your support, advice, feedback, likes and shares.

I will continue posting new poems although right now I'm quite busy with marketing the book. And I'm  sorry I haven't been around to read your poems here.... will be back soon....

A huge thank you to David Mungoshi for editing the book.

Here is the link to the book:

I love you all..... keep penning those poems....

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