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 Mar 2016
Thomas P Owens Sr
called to scour these transient shores
i am slammed against graffitti'd walls
by winds of hate
and waves of steel
in silent vigil
i caress the promise time has made
the place that fate holds for me
i can see
i can touch
i will find
at the end of this storm
I am not a soft caressing breeze
I am the howling wind
That overturns houses in fury
I am not freshly laden snow
Delicate and yielding
I am the frozen expanse
That splinters bone
I am not the glowing ember
I am a wildfire after drought
I will ravage forests that oppose me
The air will be black in my wake
I am as untameable as the ocean
Swallowing islands and cities
Before retiring to my ebb and flow
I will lay waste to the world of men
Should need call of my rage
I will tremble the sun
And swallow the moon
I am the fire and the water
And the wind and the dry earth
*No ones thrives unless I will it
Written from the POV of mother nature, from whom all life stems.
 Aug 2015
SG Holter
Thunder echoes.  
Flashes through billions
Of hailstones smashing against
Trees, leaving clouds of

Crushed leaves hanging, slowly
Blending into the chaos of
Angry weather, then: Nothing.
I worry for my windows,

Pounded with ice and shaking
From relentless thunder.
Nature, now, is an angry

Child, heirloom or love stolen.
Furious fire, skies dark with a
Thousand wings.
Drop your swords and run,

Men. Your homes are in
Flames. Your armours as
Useless as your wet pairs of
Long johns.
 Apr 2015
Marshal Gebbie
In the shadow of Everest people are dying
Crushed in a chaos embirthed from beneath,
Emerged as destructor of temple and Taos,
Emerged as an innocent killer... bequeathed.
History crumbles as heavens roar mightily
Ghorka is dead in an avalanche of rock,
Beggars and potentates crushed  in the brickfall
Dharahara’s fall leaves men gaping in shock.
Shuddering mountains in avalanche of free fall
Wails of the stricken as quaking defiles,
Gold topped pagodas and statue of ancients,
Sculpture of lions now a rubble in piles.
Khathmandu in the clasp of calamity
Nightmarish forces arisen from deep,
Grasping the earth in their grip of profanity
Monstrously tearing the bedrock from sleep.
A techtonic ****** of Asia by India
Nepal’s Himalayas ****** to the sky,
Inconsequential, this plight of humanity
Nature proceeds as poor Nepalese die.**

ANZAC Day 25 April 2015
 Mar 2015
Joe Cole
A collaboration between myself and Sharina Saad**

It's been raining all night long
And I've been singing sad love songs
Looking at the sky so dark and gloomy
The air so wet and cold and hazy

Looking from my window
At streets so wet and sloppy
And the rain came slowly down
As though it had not the spirit to pour
That's exactly how I feel tonight,
Sad, emotionless, empty, lonely

I pray for a little sunshine
For a new light at the end
For warmth once more to fill my heart
Banish sadness from my soul
Bring new joy after long wet days
Bring new life, a new start
For what is yet to come

Begone dark clouds of sadness
Begone wet cold begone
Welcome to a brand new life
Welcome a new beginning
Although the rain has played its part
The sun will warm the living

The storm has left my aching heart
No more sorrow, no more pain
Dark clouds have been lifted from my mind
By sunshine after rain
This was written by Sharina and myself several years ago and posted on another web site
 Mar 2015
SG Holter
Coward sun
Hiding from a
 Feb 2015
Snow, Soft White and Lovely......
The thing of Childhood imagination
Wind Curling it to Drifts and Excitation
Snow Dancing in a Twirling Ballet
Items covered where ever they lay
It covers the grime and Looks so clean
Yet as deadly as a bullet and twice as Mean...
The Halloween blizzard, we got 3 Feet of snow
A Man in his truck that ended up stuck
He chose to walk it to find Some Gas
You soon find when your snow blind
There is no direction or destination to find
Where they found his truck They Searched
Snow Mobiles on the fields  Searched Avast
Not till Easter Snow melt he was found at Last
10 feet from his truck, well they didn't Know
He was Buried under Snow Plow Furrow.....JMF 2/3/15
Another tale of Minnesota

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
 Jan 2015
One of us sees a storm.
visibility is low,
winds are high,
as a blizzard swirls and howls.
The hazy sky rages forevermore.

It's always been, and will it always?
At the corner of her room,
her face is hidden by emotion.
Soon snowflakes will fall for the last time.

The other sees nothing but the same.
The same old rain
Every single day.
The grey sky sheds its tears infinitely.

Its always been, and will it always?  
At the corner of her room,
She rests her head on a fist.
Soon the yellow rain jacket will find its hook.
Dark branches dance against an aluminium sky
as dusk taints the edges with blue.
The last crow warns of death as it passes,
it's cry echoing along the shoeless streets
and down to the brook where once laughter played.
Storm clouds gather in furious array
shaking thunderous fists at the earth below,
their forked tongues tearing the atmosphere
as the first droplets spew forth from their ragged mouths.
 Jan 2015
SG Holter
Western coast of Norway.
Relentless fists of salt and sea
Pound against the windows
Facing the openness.

All edible remains after every
Meal, they surrender unto her here.
She feeds them back.
Her moods change daily,

Taking only one life
With every ten thousand she
Nourishes. *We love her. We fear her.
We love her.
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