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Mar 2015
A collaboration between myself and Sharina Saad**

It's been raining all night long
And I've been singing sad love songs
Looking at the sky so dark and gloomy
The air so wet and cold and hazy

Looking from my window
At streets so wet and sloppy
And the rain came slowly down
As though it had not the spirit to pour
That's exactly how I feel tonight,
Sad, emotionless, empty, lonely

I pray for a little sunshine
For a new light at the end
For warmth once more to fill my heart
Banish sadness from my soul
Bring new joy after long wet days
Bring new life, a new start
For what is yet to come

Begone dark clouds of sadness
Begone wet cold begone
Welcome to a brand new life
Welcome a new beginning
Although the rain has played its part
The sun will warm the living

The storm has left my aching heart
No more sorrow, no more pain
Dark clouds have been lifted from my mind
By sunshine after rain
This was written by Sharina and myself several years ago and posted on another web site
Joe Cole
Written by
Joe Cole  Horsham Sussex
(Horsham Sussex)   
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