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24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
on the corner writing poetry and stories next to a gun shot.
20/Non-binary/wonderland    *+* things aren't going anywhere
Mark Boucher
New Jersey    Starlight is stealing my heart tonight...
Thelma C Cunningham
Thelma Cunningham was educated in the Baltimore City Public Schools and graduated from Mary E. Rodmand Elementary and Gwynn Falls Park Junior High. She graduated ...
I am impossible to forget, yet hard to remember. I am everything and nothing all at once. I am like no one that you have ...
I fell into the world one summer night in the deep south and stuck around for 18 years. My parents showed me beauty wherever we ...
Kirsten Martin
I'm not quite right and I'm usually wrong.
if you're afraid to feel something to its fullest what's the point in feeling at all?
To be silent when you have the knowledge and insight is a crime against yourself and those around you. So let it out set yourself ...
(1984-present) A New Yorker turned West Coaster (of three months) With music, art and writing...trudging through misinformation, techno-babble and the ever-rising Self Importance to find ...
Damian Acosta
Painting with words.
heidi writes poetry in english
Sabelo Gasa
Durban    Well my name is Sabelo Gasa. I'm living in South Africa(KZN). . So far my dream is to become a poet and a book writer ...
Judy Ponceby
Ohio, USA    Mom, Nature Lover, Explorer of Life.
Small. Broke. Cafe. California.
Cassandra Kotynski
I'm Cassy. I enjoy writing. That's all.
Shane Bruter Engisch
Farmington Hills    Artist. Lover. Wild. I am trying to show people and be a part of the message of one love so that we may reach a ...
Dustyn Smith
Denver CO, USA   
Kayla Lynn
New Jersey. "Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it."
I'm a girl And I'm twenty I used to write because I thought it would make me feel better It doesn't I write because I ...
james arthur casey
I wish I had the power to suspend gravity.
Caroline Patterson
I'm lost, I'm a fuck up, actually I'm a lot of things. And all of those things channel into my words, into my sentences, into ...
I'm an avid bookworm, artist, reader & writer. I usually post my poems to my deviation art page ( ).
Not much to say about me really. I love poetry.Im an observer of people and life.
I love the animals, and nature. Human are cool too. I have boyfriend, so don't try none of that.
Morgan Percy 19 years old: writer, reader, blogger, student, &stuff
I am a question mark in mind and an exclamation point in body.
Writing poems is the one thread stringing together my crazy-quilt life: medical lab technician, pharmacy technician, private music instructor, administrative assistant (argh!), graphic design, and ...
Author: poetry, fiction and short fiction. Also blog from time-to-time at!/McloughlinJA Or, you could buy one of my books here ...
shh be quiet. This is a library.
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