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JeanlBouwer May 2013
Betrayal of betrayer betrayed
Mother of one, wife of another and lover of some
JeanlBouwer Feb 2013
Lustful deceit of truth;
Unadulterated treachery of youth;
Transformation acceleration - Sloth
Like candle to moth

Deliberate disregard of lucidity
Profligacy elected humility
Portly modish scrawny
Legislature legitimate parody  

South Africa today
JeanlBouwer Feb 2012
Two sparkle at xciting find.
Joy, relief, wishes flood our mind.
Reality numbed by ecstasy of find
Hardship, struggle, desires for now behind

Rightfulness of find, reality’s duality
Realization of self, fighting morality
The opportunity loss creates uncertainty.
The opportunity gain, creates possibility

How to capitalize on this potential
Designed improvements appear preferential
Decided, we proceed unconventional
We proceed like natural

Blades of diamonds remove the rough
Painstakingly disregarding, unwanted stuff
Transformation, tough
Mindful, not to lose a bough

Rough turn sparkle, every time
Faceted gem’s birth, sublime  
Artistry creates, perfect rhyme
This treasure set in time

Most beautiful combination
This magnificent creation
Testament of devotion
Evokes amazing emotion  

Bestowed, this incredible treasure
Brings about untold pleasure
Value, without measure
Diamond forever, ours to treasure
JeanlBouwer Jul 2011
While you’re away, I’m at play
Your responsibility, increase my probability
Your promotion, my devotion
Your neglect, my respect
Your business trips, our martini sips
Your wife, my lover
Your night in the pub, my back she rub
Your lost treasure, now my pleasure
Your ignorance, my perversions
Your children, my children
JeanlBouwer Jul 2011
The smell of life, roam the air
New life will flourish, in all its flair
Sky filled, with its bounty to bear
A bounty, for all, all to share
Rumpled old man, smiles at me, and continue his stare

Grey roll in, where sun, moon did stay
Young child and his dog, run home afrai
Mother and father, smile, nothing did they say
Thunder and lightning, kept me at bay
I’m so scared, why’re they all so gay

Water from heaven, my mind did race
Water it’s, it’s all over the place
Drops of rain, my sweat replace
Mother tried, to remove fear from my face
Rumpled old man, tomorrow, you’ll not recognize this place

Scared, I lay under my bed
Listening, to everything, everyone said
Even the passage of Noah, father read
How can this be, my dog hasn’t been fed
Scared, I fall asleep, under my bed

Dawn broke, to my surprise
Nothing came, from my thoughts of demise
I rush to the window, only to realize
Thunder and lightning, needed, for life to rise
Desert landscape, green, in front of my eyes

Dressed in pajamas, I run outside
My world turned, a carousel ride
I run, my dog aside
My foot slipped, I took a slide
Rumpled old man, laughs, with my every stride

Red, orange, yellow, turn as days passed
From where this bounty, so vast
I look at the old man, and ask
The answer, the desert landscape, only a mask
To see what you must, that’s your task.
A story about a child that first saw rain when he was seven years old, inspired this poem together with the splendor of the flowers that appear after the annual rains in Namakwaland. The deeper meaning is that various events happen in our life which we have never experienced; automatically we are afraid, needlessly. We must just look around and ask people, especially the elderly, for guidance and help, for we do not know everything, but more importantly, we mustn’t be afraid of change or everything unusual.
JeanlBouwer Nov 2010
The storms of the past,
Calms the waters of today.
Just remember, today, is tomorrows past.

Just for you, for now!
JeanlBouwer Nov 2010
Water, the origin of life
            Nurturer of life
            Sustainer of life
            Taker of life

God, the origin of life
         Nurturer of life
         Sustainer of life
         Taker of life
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