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Mark Boucher Mar 2013
Counting abandoned buildings gone by,
And cutting these feelings with a knife,
Ignore my approach and call it a lie,
One more emotion for you to deny,

Don’t give in and I won’t let out
My air, so thin, to attract your grin,
My ignorance to your simplicity,

Others never call it the same,
As I am just a job and a name,
And so now I’ve become your chore,
You hate me and subdue me,
While realizing you’ve used me,

I’ve got everything to live for nothing,
Except this silly shape in a stupid place,
To fill your mood and empty your thoughts,
You’re a stepping stone on my race to claim,
You take me in and I feel the same,

All I want is your silly shape in an ugly place,
Let me sing and swing at an awful pace,
Where I storm around and forget your face.
Your reliance is gone, my resilience remains.
Mark Boucher Jan 2013
Nineteen and my only problem is feeling,
It tires and tears me at the seams,
As if I should be a structure so perfect,
Even I wish I knew what this means,

But I know what to compare with a glance and a glare,
Like I don’t know the face of a lie,
And I’m sure she’s pretty and standing next to me,
While I’m as boring as that train ride to truth,

Matters will never matter when I get there,
As though I’m your truth and you’re still scared,
I would beg you to forget me if you can accept honesty,
Then nineteen and feelings wouldn’t be so hard, honestly...
I said I hated you.
Mark Boucher Dec 2012
Hurry, before apathy is at your feet,
And you're a cold soul to the radio, but not for long.
I'm shoulder deep in bad intentions, but I’ve paid to play,
And now I’ll play with those who have the most to say,

But I don't really want to sit here anymore,
And listen to your failed attempts at a metaphor...
I hate to see you go..
Mark Boucher Nov 2012
We walk with a shake and a stir,
Continue to glance and flirt,
Sing me until I weep,
Then stare my doubt to sleep,
I held your promised words,
You held me til' it hurt,
Filled hearts until ours pour,
And we'll never ask for more.

You know I feel I could die,
And that would be just fine...
A note for you before I part for Detroit.
Mark Boucher Oct 2012
I wish you wouldn't hurt yourself,
You're so much better off,
But this time's set and the past isn't present,
I'm cut as deep as yours,
Charming letters and flattering smiles,
I can almost taste the passion,
How far can I go to get lost in your see-thru?

I don't have the heart to steal your heart from the edge of your sleeve,
And tell him I'm here and disappear to drown all of your fear,

900 miles could seperate an obvious shade of what we thought we made,
Pull apart and push cause I'm ready, set, going your heart to steal your way,

So I'm moving like a river, only heading down, to you,
To fix the forgetters and never's that we've found,
So I'm moving like a statue with my head hanging down,
To give your way back to the heart I never found, in you.

And here I sit, wanting you..
Can you see what I need? I can too...
It's not my fault, I did what I could do....
So I'll lie to forget the truth.....
Mark Boucher Sep 2012
Hold steady while I weep, you say, "I'm ready."
"Take the ******* picture," there's nothing like believing you,
Moving along down Highway 1, what is there to blame?
But desperate eyes peer and tell me, "I mine as well be alone."

So don't tell me to let go, when you can't hang on.

At this day and age, jealousy is all the rage,
I know you've used me, I like your infidelity,
And there's a fine line between yours and mine,
But I feel like someone, I like the attention.

You won't take me as I am,
So I know to take you as you can,
You don't know me like you thought,
Now this car's empty because I thought....
Mark Boucher May 2012
Tonight, I was made aware of my lonliness,
Or my lonliness was made aware of me,
Either/Or, I'll walk like confidence cause it's all I've got everything to lose,
No one needs to know how this feels,

These words will haunt you...
Your lust will haunt you...
My absence will haunt you...

Like a ghost inside of your head,
Your vanity showed through,
You packed up and started new,
And I'm still here, teary-eyed, and wondering why,
So don't blame me because I'm ******* bitter,
And I'm demanding some answers.

Don't try to fulfill my memory,
Because you are just a memory,
Don't express your love for me,
Because it's something you'll regret,
Don't let yourself feel special,
Because you're just something I'll forget...
Angst has taken over. I'm getting sloppy...
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