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Breathing Ice May 2011
I'm so happy I'm sad and I'm so happy I
wanna hit someone
I love you so much that I wanna scream
at the top of my ******* lungs and I love you so much I
wanna hide under the smallest grain of salt
Breathing Ice May 2011
i went to see him at work today.
Because i missed him and
Because he was sick and just
he gave me apple juice. i gave him Tylenol. 

we kissed in the living room when
no one was watching. he tasted like
Green apples and
Green tea and
he had that look in his eyes. 

sometimes you just know, you know?
Breathing Ice Mar 2011
I know you have feather eyelashes and that your scars make me want you and
crave you but I don't love
You. I can't love you. I can't love
someone capable of doing all of this
to me

But WHAT CAN I DO when I could die in your arms and go straight to heaven
Or hell
I don't care 
Love is stupid and so are you
You don't see what you have and you don't see the sun or the fact that I'm wearing flats even though it's still
cold outside. 

I wish I could throw you away but our fingers are attached. Finger centipede. You are sick but I am even more

I hate you
Breathing Ice Mar 2011
I cry because I cry because I 
don't have a valid reason to cry anymore.
Breathing Ice Dec 2010
I                                                                ­                              
                  cried           ­                                                                 ­                                      I                
                the day                                                              ­                                             cried
             you left me                                                               ­                                    the day
             and it broke                                     I                                                        you left me
               my  heart                                     cried                                                  and it broke
                                                           ­          the day                                                  my heart
                                                           ­       you left me
                                                              ­    and it broke                                        
                   ­                                                  my  heart                                                        ­                                                                 ­  COME
                                                                ­                                                     I
                       I                                                                ­                         cried
                  cried                                    ­                                               the day
                the day                                                              ­               you left me
             you left me                                                               ­        and it broke
             and it broke                                        I                   ­            my heart                             I
               my  heart                                        cried           ­                                                          cried
                                                           ­             the day                                                              ­  the day
                                                             ­        you left me                                                        you left me
                                                              ­       and it broke                                                       and it broke
                                                           ­             my  heart                                           ­                my heart

                the day                                                              ­                            
             you left me                                                               ­                              I                                                                ­                BACK
             and it broke                                        I                   ­                            cried    
               my  heart                                        cried           ­                            the day
                                                             ­           the day                                 you left me
                                                              ­       you left me                           and it broke
                                                           ­          and it broke                             my heart              
                                             ­                           my  heart
Unfortunately you can't read this properly on you phone. I tried and the whole effect was gone.
Breathing Ice Dec 2010
I have a long night ahead of me and you're exactly 313.45 miles 
away from my bed tonight.    
I looked it up. 
I straightened my hair and changed my clothes twice and brushed my teeth even
Though I didn't go out at all
I wish I could have slept in your dreams last night, because I had a nightmare. 
I wish you'd answer my texts faster
Don't you miss my smile, my lashes, my skin? (me)?
I miss tickling your knees and singing for you. 
I have a surprise for you when you get
back. It's not much but just, you know, come faster please. 
Okay, so 
text me back as soon as you get this.
Even if it's late. I'll wait.
Breathing Ice Dec 2010
I** ndependant of you and of your
N ever ending drama and
D emands. I wanted to keep you happy and 
I did all I could to hear you smile. I can't 
F ucking believe I let you make me
F ucking cry
E very night. I know you'll never
R emember me as the girl who taught you
E ternity and showed you the skies. 
N ot that I care. Not anymore. 
T ogether (our together) is in the trashcan now.
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