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 Mar 2014
Willow Branche
She's burning alive
in her dead empty heart.
No one can tell
that she's falling apart.
She's cried all her tears
and she's screamed all her pain,
And now all the memories
flow down the drain.
She's empty inside
and she can't hardly breathe,
Her eyes are so swollen,
she can't hardly see.
The battle is over,
Depression has won,
She's all out of blood now,
Her sad life is done.
 Mar 2014
I take a deep breath
but I felt a pang on my chest
and I couldn't breathe
as if the world is suffocating me
the darkness is everywhere
I have nowhere to hide
I feel the hopelessness overtake my body
and all I can do is watch everything fall apart
and i cried for hours
about the pain i've kept hidden
letting it all flow out of my body
in the form of tears and soundless sobs
 Mar 2014
I fell into the pit
Of sadness and doubt
All because of this thing
Called society

I tore out myself
And shredded the things
That used to define me
All because they told me I can't
Be who I wanted to be

But society doesn't change
They judge you for who you are
And who you aren't
It's a prison
And we cannot escape it
 Mar 2014
Poetic T
Like the night I am alone, surrounded
By nothing but by much, I am
Like a star in the sky surrounded
By many but never more alone.
I am surrounded by everything,
Some times to close for comfort,
I wish for the peace of loneliness
For I am alone in myself.
Can I survive the noise that
Is the quiet myself, my thoughts
To loud I just wish for peace I
Am surrounded by much but
Never more alone.

— The End —