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 Jan 19
Xaela San
Hydrologic cycle:
It is in the raining clouds of the sky
Falling downwards like a man falling to his knees
Yet, besides the pain of hardships weighting his soul
Through the sunshine of hope and grace from heaven
He will rise to his freedom from the cracks in the ground and start over again.
I've been experimenting on the concept of  Science with poetry... Because I love science and I love poetry.... And this is the result... I hope you enjoy reading....
 Jan 7
Xaela San
It is in the passing Comet above, mistaken as falling star by dreamers
As they wish upon the star to make one's desired dream come true.
 Jan 5
Xaela San
It is in the night sky where Stars of different colors shines
Marveling each spectator in wonder as it twinkles its way to their eyes
 Jan 4
Xaela San
It is in the compass you hold
A pointed needle pointing to the direction your heart seek
Whether it is to the North, East, West or to the South part of the world
It will help you find your desired destination
when the Sun refuses to shine under the grayest sky
when the clouds hid the North star tonight
when you lost your way, scared in the midst of the forest
or when you gone astry floating in the Caribbean sea
Somehow with this simple mechanism
guides you to the place you belong, somewhere you'll call your home.
Using of magnetic compass
The magnetic compass is the most familiar compass type. It functions as a pointer to "magnetic north", the local magnetic meridian, because the magnetized needle at its heart aligns itself with the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field. The magnetic field exerts a torque on the needle, pulling the North end or pole of the needle approximately toward the Earth's North magnetic pole, and pulling the other toward the Earth's South magnetic pole.

 Jan 3
Xaela San
It is in your children's behavior Example!
The way your child tantrum
Toys like Cars, Teddy bear, Barbie, Lego
blocks, *****, anything a child can hold
can by be thrown away in a perfect projectile
landing it to your favorite vase causing it to fall
with the strong impact the vase broke into a thousand pieces
And as much as you want to punish your child
but you love them so much you let it slide this time!
Projectile motion is a form of motion where an object moves in a bilaterally symmetrical, parabolic path. The path that the object follows is called its trajectory.

 Jan 3
Xaela San
It is in your garden, the way you fertilized your soil
through the help of those little squishy Earth worms
and other organic fertilizers
like leftover decomposing food
Either it was for planting ornamental plants
to decorate your dull backyard or
it was for planting your favorite vegetables
to make your family healthy and save money!
Plants and animals
 Jan 3
Xaela San
It is in your kitchen, the way you cook your food
Either it was boiling water for the soup
grilling your favorite steak for tonight's dinner
frying french fries for the kids, for this afternoon's snack or
simply freezing leftover foods for tomorrow's breakfast
and on rare occasions, burning your food to coal
turning your fire alarms on!
Chemical change and physical change

— The End —