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 May 2016
Christian J Torre
I find everything absolutely breathtaking.

How can you not think your gorgeous yet,
Sparkling hazel nut eyes aren't the most,
Intriguing things?
They are breath taking and powerful,
enough to give me nervous

You see the way the clouds capture the sun,
If only for a second,
The perfect bittersweet scene.
The suns final goodbye,
A final goodbye makes a masterpiece,
That is impossible to recreate.

Exposed to the damp smell,
Of the rainy earth,
Or the tingling's pinpricks of snow flakes,
resting on your fare skin.

Your time,
To get as close as you can,
To the galaxies that construct,
The roof above you to explore.

They are fascinating at night,
When each star becomes Luminous,
Against the Black of Night.
Darling your still beautiful


Your still beautiful, even though I've lost you years ago.

— The End —