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 Oct 2020
Seranaea Jones

" You have no real sense of meter,
your rhyming is non-existent
and you spell like a brat,
following no rules"


i didnt know i had to follow
any rules, 'cept the ones in my
head that represent limitation

"Well, you need to read up
on some of the more classic
"recognized" poets—
Learn the Proper Etiquette !"


i have read more than a few lines
of that finer moem-age poem-age,
and if you want to write about why
roses are red on fine sheets of poet paper
with a fountain pen in the fashion of Kipling—


i will more likely write about how well Violet blew
over the top of a half empty jug of bourbon with
a ball point pen that skips more or less
in the style of Bukowski—

and then someone can say that
we had both written poems
about Colorful Flowers...

© 2020
 Oct 2019
She is mathematics,
bare necessity in numbers

Curvature and roundness,
symmetrical circumference
lies in the rise of her hips

A tanned half moon,
a breast

A pose

The fall equinox begins
in the shadow
of the small of her back

Night looms beyond, below
connecting beauty's dots

Her body reclines,
hand resting between waist
and hip, an impasse

Head at rest
held by soft hand.
 Aug 2019
beneath the shoulder blades

if this touch is nothing more than
lonely synapse
and dopamine

rushing to embrace kin

or run your hand through her hair
as if your fingertips are magnets,
and all her thoughts follow along

if such a small thing

in the midst of celestial bodies
each on their slow decline
interfering, colliding in shadow

would turn us all into a lie

it is a good one

and I will tell it
 Mar 2019
Rochelle Foles
As children
We who wore tights to school
   were taught
to wok in high heels
with a book on our heads

to never wear mascara
on our bottom lashes

                        red lipstick = harlot
            red nails = *****
            wearing jewelry = sinful

                       to be proper
                       to mind our manners

           the three monkeys mantra


So we still
Go downtown in our good clothes            
Wearing high heels carrying a matching bag

We have expensive taste
Reputations to uphold

fast cars
          faster boys
           red lipstick
red nails
bodies bejeweled

We learned
All of that                                      Indoctrination
was nonsense

Oh! The high heels of heartache!
How those cruel shoes constrained us
the worship of deities can uplift ones soul or contaminate and desolate it.
 Sep 2018
Ryan O'Leary
Inverted passages are those
fugitive words that scale the
margins of captivity to be
adopted by nomadic thinkers
who's willingness to accomodate
their chaotic disorder thus saving
them adversity is what brings you a

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