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 Jul 2014 Classified
I felt time slow down, but it was a gradual shift. Like the ceiling fan that was previously on high suddenly being turned off but the blades continue to spin from sheer momentum. From the moment the alcohol hit my system, I thought about you. I lose sleep waiting for you to talk to me, but I've found a graveyard in this home. The only beings still awake with me are the ones you could see the through, people or ghosts. I would sleep better on your floor than I ever could in my bed. Treat me like your dog and I will gladly beg for your crumbs. This is hungry work and I should have worshiped you sooner. You've got molds of your hand prints on the sidewalk out front of your house and I think that's why you are so similar to the concrete. You preserve precious memories in the form of tangible keepsakes while staying completely solid. But I know that if I were to be concrete, I would crack myself apart just to let the smallest flowers grow because I have kept too many things buried when they needed to be said. I am the Queen of the Bitten Tongue, I have permanent divots on my taste buds, the words crowd around my teeth like plaque and I think that's why I started carrying floss with me every where I go so I could pick out the words that threaten to stain them. I'm glad my braces fixed the gap or else you would know a lot more than you should because the letters would drip out like a leaky faucet; word by word until they filled up the sink and have no choice but to over flow because these words will never go down smooth. They have thorns covering their every edge so when you hear them, they rip your eardrums to pieces. Leaving no part of you unaltered. I never wanted to hurt you so that's why I'm so quiet. Sometimes after speaking, I find it hard to stop my mouth from bleeding but it usually gets swallowed just like my pride. I would kiss your scars for the rest of time even if they were still open but you're so good at being closed off from me. I'm tired of taking your detours, having to turn around because the bridge to your heart is down due to construction but I never ordered any materials for this project. So who is the one working on your heart? My concrete queen, I would kiss your feet like the pavement you provide, take endless road trips down your winding roads but I'm afraid of the *** holes that I get stuck in constantly. You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do. I'm addicted to the pain of falling into you, but I wouldn't mind crashing into your sheets as long as I can have the throne next to you.
drunk poetry always makes me want to become an alcoholic. i am writing this while plastered hello
I guess its pain I want
I doubt it will make me feel better
But I want you to know that I would drink my own blood for you
I would burn my skin for you
I would cut my wrists for you
I would not eat for you

The couple of conversations we had
Just proved to me that I failed
So far
You still think your ugly
You still think your fat
You still think your not worth it

But you see the thing is
To me
Your weight is perfect
Your face is elegant
You are worth everything I can give you

Yes I'm drunk on tired
But what causes things to come out
Doesn't make it any less special
So here it is
I'm here for you
Easier to say than do
But let me prove it
Let me show you what I think of you

And in the end even if you were fat
Even if you were ugly and worthless
It doesn't matter
Because I would still want to kiss you
"Angels can fly" she whispered and jumped*

and she soared.
o how she soared
her white wings
stained by the blood that leaked from her wrists
charred from the Burns she gave herself
yet still white
white because there is still innocence in her heart
despite all the taunts
the blood
the tears
the pain
yes there is still innocence
so she ***** her great white wings
doing flips in mid air
the wind snatching at her hair
and she laughs......

Because she is falling

"Angels can fly" she whispered and jumped

she fell
hit the ground
**and died
 May 2014 Classified
Jeremy Bean
Dont make me conform to #hashtags

I dont want to have to spell out the portrayal of #thefuckingpoem

I want it to invoke whatever feelings they may #discernfromit

Not #spellitoutforthem

#love #pain #fun #disdain #**** #this #thoughtless #game
 May 2014 Classified
two fragile hearts made up of glass
everyone could see right through them both
only they themselves couldn't see the reality

both fell for each other
and whatever falls
will end up breaking

now those two once-glass hearts
shattered into a million emotional pieces

now those two once-glass hearts
will never find their missing parts

now those two once-glass hearts
have turned into nothing
but back into crushed sand
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