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Classified Jun 2017
I go to sleep every night thinking
"I can't do this anymore... but I'll be fine tomorrow"

And I wake up every morning feeling
Regret and disappointment and sadness
Because I woke up.

How many more nights can you cry yourself to sleep
How many more mornings can you wake up and hate it
How many more naps can you take hoping you'll feel better when you get up
How many more days can you go through saying 'it's just a bad day'
How many more cuts can you bleed through hoping it'll help
How many more distractions can you go through keeping your mind off life.

But you go keep going
Thinking that The Sun Will Rise and We Will Try Again
Classified Jun 2017
I almost wish you followed her.
Because then it would hurt
And I'd get over it
And we'd go back to being friends
But I'd be right.

I almost wish you followed her.
Because then you'd have fun
And I'd be fine
And we'd go back to being friends
But you'd be free.

I almost wish you followed her.
Because then I won't let you down
And you'd get over it
And we'd go back to being friends
But I'd be in the clear.

I almost wish you followed her, because it would be your fault and I won't be the one who hurt you.

But you didn't.
Because you don't need other girls
Because you have your own girl
Because you think you love me
Because you say I'm perfect
Because you have me.
So you didn't.
And I'm proud and it means *so* much. But now it's getting serious...

Classified Jun 2017
She collects shiny objects
And lurks in the dark

Flightless and alone
She stares at her collection
Wondering which one is her most prized possession

Crying out into the night
Cold and desperate
She decides to examine each object more closely
And let them examine her skin
In order to determine her favourite.
Classified May 2017
It starts off small.
Creeps into your life.
Under your radar.
You think nothing of it.

It grows bigger.
More prominent in your life.
You agknowledge it.

It becomes big.
You are now used to it in your life.
You start to like it.

It is enormous.
You want it in your life.
You know you like it.

It is monumental.
You like it in your life.
You value it.

It is your world.
You cannot live without it.
You love it.
Classified May 2017
You'll be the alcohol that I can't get enough of. Burning, warm, addictive.

And I'll be the candy that always leaves you wanting more. Sweet, fleeting, and never enough.
Classified May 2017
Be as weary of Perfection as She is of You.

She'll become a craving, a need, a drug.

It starts off slow, until you get a taste.

Dark, inevitable, curious and sloppy; You get your first taste of Her. Casual and carefree, sloppy and fluid.

It picks up momentum when you go back.

Hopeful, deliberated, secondguessed and spontaneous; You get your second taste of Her. Slow and careful, foreign and desired.

It gathers speed when you stumble back.

Wanted, craved, longed for and dreamed about; You get your third taste of Her. Rushed and impulsive, lust-filled and needy.

It goes downhill when you are already waiting.

Anticipated, eager, excited and anxious; You get your fourth taste of Her. Explosive and passionate, raw and craved.

Gaining momentum and escalating further when you do not leave.

Built-up, painful, needed and difficult.
You get your fifth taste of Her. Rough and sharp, painful and needed.

Now you have the taste and it's no longer controlled.

Dangerous, destructive, unsustainable and fascinating. You want more of Her. Curious and captivating, different and the exception.

Inevitable in its destruction and absence when you fall.

Poisonous, addictive, toxic and intoxicating. You need Her. Craved and harmful, exciting and deadly.

Be as weary of Perfection as She is of you.
You'll get hooked on the feeling. A.R.C
Classified Feb 2016
Your quick kiss is what I've been waiting for. Longing for. Lusting for.
The icy feeling pressed against my skin, sharp and needy.

I know you're no good for me, I tried to stay away. But the desire was too strong. The need.

It's been building for a long time. I needed release.
No more foreplay, I wanted to go all the way.

And I did. I finally gathered the courage, and I am enjoying the blissful aftermath.
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