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4.4k · Apr 2016
dead in the a.m.
claire elisabeth Apr 2016
she's still coming-of-age,
like those bad films with those bad boys
trying to tell her secrets that aren't really secrets;
to lips that only turn out tricks.

they all don't dare forget her
because, when she leaves,
she's never gone too long.

she doesn't have time for quitting--
she's a dreamer with an "ever after" in sight.
she's a winner, she's a sinner.

get too close and, you won't regret her,
until she's left you for dead,
lying half-conscious;
gasping for more in the **a.m.
1.6k · Feb 2014
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
i'm the queen
who reigns over the kingdom
of backseats of cars
and chipped coffee cups
and you're a king
who reigns over the night
and my crowded thoughts
claire elisabeth Nov 2016
that girl is a real crowd-pleaser,
big world, she wants to know everybody.
young queen living life how she sees.
give her that cash, watch her earn it quickly.
disrespect her? you bet she's still tryin' to get even.
even better: she's leavin'.
haters hate for any **** reason.
chain-smokin', binge-drinkin'.
new car, just slide the keys in.
so cold, she'll break you off.
what in the world was i thinkin'?
new day, same money to be made,
there is nothing to explain.
892 · Feb 2014
his and hers
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
he's got icicles
in the space where his heart should be
and she's got a field of tulips
growing out of her lungs
and a swarm of bumblebees
in her chest
600 · Apr 2016
beware the riptide
claire elisabeth Apr 2016
I thought all I needed
was self-deprecating lies
given to me in the
form of a sadistic mind.
It took me twenty-one long years
and lots of wrong for me
to see the light.
All I really needed was help,
hope and thoughts of love
washing over me,
pulling me further down
that sweet riptide.
512 · Feb 2014
taste of spring
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
his rough lips whisper secrets
against her rose petal skin,
telling her that his biggest fear
is that he'll wilt without her sunlight.
claire elisabeth Mar 2014
if i could, i would
grow you a whole field of sunflowers
and take your hand
and run with you across the dirt
with our bare feet
and our hearts pumping
and our chests heaving
and if i could,
i would make sure that:
every one of your endings is a happily ever after
369 · Feb 2014
warning signs
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
and like a lighthouse
in the middle of a storm,
brittle nails and fraying ends of hair
are the only things that remind me
of the danger i am
358 · Jun 2014
Better Left Unsaid
claire elisabeth Jun 2014
She loved staying up all night.

He loved getting up in the early morning.

She loved coffee shops.

He preferred tea.

She loved listening to music that made her want to dance.

He was a wallflower.

She loved old books and the stories they told.

He wasn't much of a reader.

She loved writing poetry.

He was her muse.

She loved rainy days and cuddling all day in bed.

He had better things to do.

She missed him when he was gone.

He hardly noticed when she was there.
348 · May 2015
claire elisabeth May 2015
daylight, filters through the blinds,
promising paradise.
i was so *blinded
all i could see was your light.
and even though it’s been some time,
since i’ve even talked to you
i probably deserve it,
i was always the one who was uncertain.
325 · Apr 2016
Shades of Blue
claire elisabeth Apr 2016
I was feeling blue, so blue
I thought I had drown. Sat on the ocean floor
for quite some time and what I saw was so profound,
mysteries were all around, but the only one that mattered was
why were you no where to be found?
I would like it very much if I could stay,
but I imagine you in a much better place.
high in the hills, or down in the valleys; you would fit right in.
You would never dip a toe in the ocean
because you never bothered to learn how to swim.
318 · Feb 2014
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
every time
i set down my pen,
i tell myself:
that's the last time
i'll write about you
but i always say the same thing,
darling, don't i?
298 · Feb 2014
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
everything must be better,
in massachusetts.
brighter smiles, brighter eyes.

people are strong there,
they're stronger than me.

i wish,
with everything that i have,
to be beautiful
just like massachusetts.
Dedicated to Lina Stidham.
290 · Feb 2014
our story
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
scene i:
we meet and your eyes resemble those of a wolves.
my heart beats fast and i trail my fingertips against your calloused skin.

scene ii:
you tell me the secrets of the moon and your own craters.
i scream only whispers that sound like shattered glass and white wine.

scene iii:
you remove my heart from my chest and replace it with a burning coal.
i fall to my knees and you watch as the coal flickers.

scene iv:
you tie my hair in ribbons and burry me in a field of dusty moth wings.
you leave and we both forget my name.
277 · Feb 2018
Fall Back
claire elisabeth Feb 2018
You're smooth like Tennessee Hennessy,
you know we light up the dark.
And, when you are beside me,
it's like we're walking on stars.
Baby, and when you are inside me,
we could never take this too far.
I always needed somebody,
but I'm still falling in love to this day
(and it's too late to fall back).
But, what am I to do when you leave me?
You're a runaway train on the track.
I snuck right into your life,
and I'm wild like a flower growing in the grass.
I may be blind and may have lost the battle,
but I'll still be everything for you
239 · Feb 2014
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
you once told me you laugh
at the misguided
because they remind you so much
of yourself.

i just hope
you remember
that a broken match
can still spark a flame.
217 · Feb 2014
up in smoke
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
all i could see was:
your cigarette,
the moon;
and as i came closer,

you touched me in ways
that made me feel alive.

even though it was
killing me,
i was dying to know.

you were itching to leave,
and we were burning up.

it was all turning to smoke;
it was suffocating.

i’m still trying to catch my

217 · Feb 2014
what if i told you?
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
the amount of space
between two things,
two beings,
it doesn’t exist:

a collective protest
against what’s real.

what is real
is you,
and me.

what’s between us?
not plane tickets
and train rides.

it’s just the ache of
not being able to find you
in your expected place,
right next to me.

there’s no measurements
between us.

i can always reach you,
faster than anything,
and it’s free,
and i will always give it to

and you
don’t even have to ask,
because you deserve it.

we deserve to be.
Dedicated to Allison Rapisardi, Christine Hartman, Esther Khabinsky, Jaymes Ngo, Lina Stidham, Olivia Hutchinson, and Scarlett Hurtado.
200 · May 2017
claire elisabeth May 2017
the fog is safe, take me there, where the clouds hug the ground, reaching down to give me a taste of what it would feel like to leave his place. hold me tight and whisper in my ear, there’s nothing to fear of the night. render me weightless, made of warmth and light, as if i were floating through a dream and not a single fiber of my being was worried about just how solid i really am.
175 · Feb 2014
ink hearts
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
i want to tell you:
whenever i’m afraid i think of you.

i want to tell you:
i draw little hearts on things
to remind myself to love.

i want to tell you:
i do it for you.

i want to tell you:
i’m scared to death.

i want to tell you:
you’re the only reason
there’s still air in my lungs

you’re the only reason
my heart doesn’t hurt,
as much as it could.

you are you
and i love every piece,
every little section,
every picture of you,
every word you say.

what if i told you:
i’ve never been in love like this before.

what if i’m in love with you?
what if?
claire elisabeth Jan 2018
Life is awful, I protest.
But what I do, I do best.
You got nothing.
I got tested, and I failed, yes.
Put me down tonight,
In my velvet and pearls.
Let me down tonight,
Tell me I'm your favorite girl.
170 · Jun 2017
claire elisabeth Jun 2017
Get me out of the shadows,
Straight into them flashing lights.
See how much I've grown.
This house don't feel like home.
Give me your love,
Because I'm dying for your touch
And I don't want to rush now.
I just need your love.
145 · Jan 2018
Coolest In The Summer
claire elisabeth Jan 2018
I know that you can keep a secret and I can too.
I don't care if its right or it's wrong,
I just want to tie a cherry stem for you.
You'd look so nice on my body,
And I got your body on my mind.
I got a taste for your type, I need to take a bite.
We'll always be there for another.
Take it a little further, baby,
Kiss one another,
Let's die for each other.
We're coolest in the summer.
But it's a little scary because,
You're not what they think you are,
And neither am I.
You & I. We're stars in the sky.
If I win or lose, I don't care.
I just want to play with you.
Even if the judge ****** up, and you do time,
Please know that I'll still wait for you.
Take me down, don't be scared because,
I'm still the one you like.
131 · Aug 2017
Overseas Dreams
claire elisabeth Aug 2017
Off the grid, they can't find me now.
I've been hiding in secrecy.
Their rumors can’t make me fall.
I've been put in the grave.

Everybody knows how my life was.
I don't even think about it now because,
I finally found myself.

Now my life has been flipped like a coin,
Like a gamble I'm willing to bet it all.
(Do you still like me now?)

Overseas dreams still falter somehow,
I swore I'd chase 'em till I was dead.
I heard the grass was just painted cement,
That's what my father said.

No one even knows what life was like,
Now, it's paradise.
I finally found it.

— The End —