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claire elisabeth Feb 2018
You're smooth like Tennessee Hennessy,
you know we light up the dark.
And, when you are beside me,
it's like we're walking on stars.
Baby, and when you are inside me,
we could never take this too far.
I always needed somebody,
but I'm still falling in love to this day
(and it's too late to fall back).
But, what am I to do when you leave me?
You're a runaway train on the track.
I snuck right into your life,
and I'm wild like a flower growing in the grass.
I may be blind and may have lost the battle,
but I'll still be everything for you
claire elisabeth Jan 2018
Life is awful, I protest.
But what I do, I do best.
You got nothing.
I got tested, and I failed, yes.
Put me down tonight,
In my velvet and pearls.
Let me down tonight,
Tell me I'm your favorite girl.
claire elisabeth Jan 2018
I know that you can keep a secret and I can too.
I don't care if its right or it's wrong,
I just want to tie a cherry stem for you.
You'd look so nice on my body,
And I got your body on my mind.
I got a taste for your type, I need to take a bite.
We'll always be there for another.
Take it a little further, baby,
Kiss one another,
Let's die for each other.
We're coolest in the summer.
But it's a little scary because,
You're not what they think you are,
And neither am I.
You & I. We're stars in the sky.
If I win or lose, I don't care.
I just want to play with you.
Even if the judge ****** up, and you do time,
Please know that I'll still wait for you.
Take me down, don't be scared because,
I'm still the one you like.
claire elisabeth Aug 2017
Off the grid, they can't find me now.
I've been hiding in secrecy.
Their rumors can’t make me fall.
I've been put in the grave.

Everybody knows how my life was.
I don't even think about it now because,
I finally found myself.

Now my life has been flipped like a coin,
Like a gamble I'm willing to bet it all.
(Do you still like me now?)

Overseas dreams still falter somehow,
I swore I'd chase 'em till I was dead.
I heard the grass was just painted cement,
That's what my father said.

No one even knows what life was like,
Now, it's paradise.
I finally found it.
claire elisabeth Jun 2017
Get me out of the shadows,
Straight into them flashing lights.
See how much I've grown.
This house don't feel like home.
Give me your love,
Because I'm dying for your touch
And I don't want to rush now.
I just need your love.
claire elisabeth May 2017
the fog is safe, take me there, where the clouds hug the ground, reaching down to give me a taste of what it would feel like to leave his place. hold me tight and whisper in my ear, there’s nothing to fear of the night. render me weightless, made of warmth and light, as if i were floating through a dream and not a single fiber of my being was worried about just how solid i really am.
claire elisabeth Nov 2016
that girl is a real crowd-pleaser,
big world, she wants to know everybody.
young queen living life how she sees.
give her that cash, watch her earn it quickly.
disrespect her? you bet she's still tryin' to get even.
even better: she's leavin'.
haters hate for any **** reason.
chain-smokin', binge-drinkin'.
new car, just slide the keys in.
so cold, she'll break you off.
what in the world was i thinkin'?
new day, same money to be made,
there is nothing to explain.
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