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Chloé Jan 2015
He kissed me like he couldn't live without her
He touched her like she was his universe
But he couldn't tell her how much he felt for her
Chloé Dec 2014
you could be everything i ever wanted
but you choose to be everything i'm wishing for
Chloé Dec 2014
i love you now
maybe not forever
but does this really matter ?
i love you for who you are
and not for who you could be
i love you and thats it
Chloé Dec 2014
As i was lying there wrapped in your hug
And listened to your words that were so bitter sweet
That i love you I heard was not there to stay so tell me what now
Chloé Dec 2014
My body is shaking
Shaking of fear that
One day
You will
Be gone
Chloé Dec 2014
he said "look at the picture she is the devil that makes me weak"
she said "why"
he replied "because she makes me sin"
she looked at the picture and saw herself
looked at him and kissed him
Chloé Dec 2014
The help i gave
I gave
To get it ones return
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