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brat bunny Sep 2018
There was once a girl,
she wasn't well known,
she fell down a rabbit hole.
She tried to get up,
but she couldn't break free,
and she was locked in the chains of insanity
CREDIT to Alice in Wonderland; Madness Returns
brat bunny Feb 2018
All those years ago, you smiled at me
I saw the hurt and pain in your eyes but your smile reminded me
You told me to love all of you
You told me to stay away
You're hurting and all I did was watch you fall
All those years ago, you called my name
I saw the love and passion in your eyes but your frown reminded me
You told me that time was wasting
You told me you loved me
You're flying and I'm drowning
All those years ago, you said to wait at the shore
I saw you on the horizon
I swam too deep and now I'm drowning
All those years ago, you carried me home but what was left was rubble

You told me all of this right before you smiled
I am having writing blocks
brat bunny Feb 2018
if i gave you my smile
if i be quiet a time
if i told you to take a mile
would you still stay for a long while
brat bunny Feb 2018
a new form, a new shape
a new monster in the make
a new demon for the take
a new cage to break
a new heart to ache
brat bunny Mar 2018
a promise to keep
no way to sleep
a life to beat
more to feast
crave the east
a promise of beasts
brat bunny Feb 2018
Storms are the worst
They are loud and strike you with fear
Storms are the worst
And if you're anything like me
You're afraid of them too
Lightening and Thunder
For storms are the worst
They have no mercy and take what's yours
Storms are the worst
Your beloved can see that astraphobia is now your nightmare
For storms are the worst
If you're anything like me
I hAtE storms
brat bunny Mar 2018
a ticking clock
a worn lock
your mind is blocking
what is not talking
you are dying
and lying
a ticking clock
a worn lock
your time is ending on the dot
brat bunny Feb 2018
there's a word
a word so vile
when you say it
comes out
hanging there
like a plaque or tile
there's a word

that word is death
brat bunny Sep 2018
In love with you
is like sleeping on a bed of
Where it looks so pretty and beautiful
but when you lie down
you sink into thorns and bleed
It's a bed of lies as they say
brat bunny Feb 2018
you said i was amazing
but then i see
what you meant wasn't reality
a lie
a sweet and heartbreaking lie
a lie spun so intense and complex
that i didn't think to watch where i step
a black widow who lies
brat bunny Feb 2018
books are curses
they hold you captive
show you a world you cannot have

books are curses
they take you away
hold you close and tell you it will be ok

books are curses
and their authors are just the same

books are curses
brat bunny Sep 2018
Cotton Candy Skies
Won't You be Mine?
I am just using lyrics don't get mad
brat bunny Mar 2018
can you feel the warmth of sun
the wind blowing across your face
the rain dripping down your back
the rocks under your feet

can you feel my heart beating
my hand lacing with yours
my feet falling in step with yours

can you feel my love for you
brat bunny Mar 2018
little rest
title pest
heaving chest
chaos mess

brat bunny Sep 2018
I live here in this tiny city
with these tiny people
and all these tiny problems
I understand I am not alone, I understand that others feel what I am feeling
I understand really
But in this tiny city
with these tiny people
and tiny problems
It feels like it is the world to me
I feel like I am only on Chapter 1
brat bunny Feb 2018
wither and rot
that's all we do
we wait for new
our beginning is just ending
wait for -

broken and charred
that's all we do
we wait for you
our chapter 2
brat bunny Feb 2018
i'll sing you verse
a curse in twine
smile so fine
i'll give you the cure
but uncertain for sure
an antidote not worth a shore
i'll give you power
just wait until spring's first flower
i'll give you silence
brat bunny Feb 2019
Dear friends,
can i tell you a story?
I know you might not remember me.
But it's worth your time,
I hope.
It's a story about a girl
who lost sight of what was important to her
and fell into madness.

-the girl in the walls
brat bunny Mar 2018
noun: love; plural noun: loves
an intense feeling of deep affection

noun: lie; plural noun: lies
an intentionally false statement

"You can feel love for me, but that would be a lie."
"But that would be a lie if I didn't love you."
"There is no difference, I'm afraid."
brat bunny Mar 2018
Don't cry
Don't whine
Don't smile
Don't laugh
Don't breath
Don't believe
Don't see
Don't try
Don't argue
Don't think

Do be a machine
Do as told
Do everything like everyone else
Do be normal
Do be dumb
Do all the things we tell you and everyone will like you

And that's a lie, do all the things I told you not to do; cry, laugh, whine, smile, breath, believe, see, try, argue, most importantly think.
brat bunny Feb 2018
i'll drown for her and i'll drown for him
but i won't drown for the demons down in
brat bunny Feb 2018
that time has come for us to guess
that aching isn't a thing for best
you are now a taken toy
you owe your life to who you call boy
he jumped from a ledge
no regret or fear
he jumped to save a day
that way is killing
wait until the ending
brat bunny Feb 2018
erase my lies
erase the lines
erase all time
erase the day you died
brat bunny Aug 2018
What’s one thing you wish you could stop from ever happening?
But if you stop that one thing
Wouldn’t you and everything around you cease to exist?
brat bunny Feb 2018

when you fall in love
its dangerous because something that falls
will end up breaking

brat bunny Mar 2018
I like to sit and look
and listen
and laugh
and talk
and breath
and daydream
and imagine
and I like to pretend that the world is a better place than what it is
I like to sit and wonder what happened to the world
what happened to our humility
what happened to our faith
brat bunny Feb 2018
fear is now my enemy
it creeps and crawls into my dreams
turning them to a nightmare
of never ending lies

web so tight and sticky
fear calls my name so tricky
a spider winds down
fear creeps into my mind

cage so small and damp
fear whispers my death chant
the cage squeezes in

fear is now my enemy
brat bunny Feb 2018
he said to stay
and you do as you're told
he knows what's best
that's what they always foretold
brat bunny Feb 2018
It's funny
Time is wasting
We laugh, it's funny
The world is drowning
It's funny when you think it
It's funny when you say it
Moments are disolving
Nostalgia is a drug
It's funny that we're plastic like dolls
Laugh all we want, time is in our hands
To numb the pain, take a handful and swallow
Pills make the world look funny
It's funny
It's funny
They chanted, they all were nostalgic and dying
People were drugged with nostalgia, the world drowned, and time was gone
It's funny
It's funny
Time echoed back
It's funny how they thought they were in control because
Time laughed at us
Time waits for no man
And no man waits for time
It's funny, said we
brat bunny Feb 2018
Haiku is not my
Style but try as I will I
Might fail miserably
brat bunny Feb 2018
She stares at her ceiling once again
A hundred thoughts hang in her head
She looks at her reflection once again
A thousand thoughts are shredded thin
She smiles at him once again
A million thoughts die with the passing sun
She stares at her ceiling once again
A billion thoughts are buried deep
She closes her eyes
For the first time
She sleeps
brat bunny Feb 2018
here is where i lie
in a box
in the dirt
not in the sky
here is where i lie
in my own hunger
not with supper
here is where i lie
my bones are crumpled
my heart isn't beating
my soul is full of holes
here is where i lie
brat bunny Aug 2018
You are the highlighter, you outline the important things in my life
Easier for me to understand and remember
I can always come back and see what I need to know from the things you show me

I am the pencil
I am easily erased and you can always forget what I show you
You don't remember anything about me
I am not important
brat bunny Jun 2018
Home and Mind
With this I lay mine
Down to rest
For demons and their hands
Want ink we hold
In our hearts and mind
I lay this mind down to rest
With my heart busted
And leaking
It’s time to go and sleep
And I won’t weep for this soul
But for it whole
Mind and Body
That’s where I rest
Home and Mind
brat bunny Sep 2018
How do you write your whole world into one line?
It feels like I am pouring the ocean into an Olympic swimming pool.
brat bunny May 2018
Open arms
Craving charms
Blackened eyes
Sandpaper lies
I can’t think without you
And I can’t think with you
I can’t breathe with you
But certainly I can breathe without you
brat bunny Sep 2018
I can fall in love so quickly and effortless
I see you and my heart is taken
Why does this happen?
I don’t know

But it hurts so much to climb back up and piece myself together
People’s hearts are like glass, one tiny push and everything falls apart
Mine is made of broken glass and missing it’s pieces

I can fall in love so quickly and effortless
I don’t why it happens to me
I’m boreeddd
brat bunny Sep 2018
I feel like we live in the world now where every little piece of you, your body, your heart, your mind, everything makes you apart of something bigger than yourself.
I feel like every little piece of you is lovable and always will be that way.
Don't let anyone tell you that something is wrong with you.
I feel like every little piece of you is imperfect in its own way
I feel like no one is perfect, the only thing is imperfect, and that makes you completely human and alive and real ... and lovable.

I feel like
How I feel for today.
brat bunny Feb 2018
If my life were yours and your life was mine
Then who's life would our's be if we both lived them free
If my heart was yours and your heart was mine
Then who's heart would be broken if we both ran out of time
If I gave you my eyes and you gave me your eyes
Then who's future would we be seeing
Because if is to then, then is to the future
The future would be different since you would see the wrong  one
brat bunny Apr 2018
The girl who spoke with no stop

The girl who loved to talk

The girl who’s stories struck no end

The girl with thoughts to tell

I am not that girl, I am the girl with no words
brat bunny Mar 2018
I like to think
to think about the people
to think about the dead
to think about the inevitable
I like to think
to think, think, think
but now I know that thinking
is a dangerous passtime
for you and I
brat bunny Feb 2018
i'll give you a home

i'll give you a smile

i'll give you my heart

i'll give us a new start
brat bunny Feb 2018

freedom is no longer free
speaking is no longer heard
doing is no longer seen
thinking is no longer done

brat bunny Jun 2018
The sun is high
The clouds smiling
Freedom for awhile
You can see beach days and road trip weekends
But when the sun sets
And the clouds cry
Caged again
You can see the people you loved leaving and fading
But it’s okay
It’s Summer
Be happy and enjoy your time in the sun
But don’t worry about those you said good bye too
It’s summer
Be happy
I won’t see some of my friends since they are leaving for other schools; graduating so I wrote a poem
#summer #happy
brat bunny Feb 2018
i want to write about all the good things
like love and beginnings
but my mind is clogged
only an ending

i want to write a story, a poem just for you
with my feelings and thoughts
but my heart won't stop beating
it's eating me

i want to write a word, a phrase for all times
good for bad, bad for good
but my hands won't stop trembling
caged in so tight
brat bunny Apr 2018
I should have listened
I should have done better
I should ... fight for you
But I can't
I want you to be happy
But not when I'm a weight on your shoulders
Stay with me
brat bunny Mar 2018
i watch as the building burns and the people scream
i watch as the walls crumble and the people fall
i watch and watch as the ceiling caves in and the people wail
i watch and all i can do is watch

i hear the screams and cracking of walls
i hear the cries and the ceiling breaking
i hear the wails and the fire crackling

and i hear it all but what can i do except watch
brat bunny Mar 2018
a cocoon is fit for those who bloom
after blood is shed
after those are dead
a throne is fit for those who bleed
after months have fled
after those are dead
your mind is fit for madness
after sadness is condemned
after your death is commanded
brat bunny Feb 2018
would you give me your life
if that meant i could live forever
or would you take mine
if that meant you could live forever
your choice
mine over yours
I like this one a lot
brat bunny May 2018
I can't see my hands,
the darkness a blanket
you can't see land
or people
or yourself
but that's okay, because I can't see myself
and the scars
the tears
the bruises
the mistakes

I am surrounded by darkness and faces. They smile and say,
"A mistake is not taking lightly,
So try little girl
Try to get out."
(I couldn't decide on a title and if you want you can suggest which one in the comments)
i will maybe be more active
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