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1.2k · Feb 2018
The boy
brat bunny Feb 2018
What are you afraid of?
Oh, nothing sir.
Surely, everyone is afraid of something.
Yes, sir. I am afraid of the dark.
Of the dark?
No, more of what is in the dark. What is in the dark is most scary since you cannot see. Does that count sir?
silence Of course. You, young boy, are brilliant.
Sir? What are you afraid of?
Me, oh I am afraid of dying. It means my life here is done when I felt it just got started.
I must go sir, have a lovely afternoon.
The boy skips away from the old man. The old man smiled, stood up, and walked away.
Nearby, a woman said,
That boy is crazy, talking to that old man's grave. Why, he's been dead for over twenty years.
1.0k · Apr 2018
I want you to be Happy
brat bunny Apr 2018
I should have listened
I should have done better
I should ... fight for you
But I can't
I want you to be happy
But not when I'm a weight on your shoulders
Stay with me
338 · Feb 2018
i want to
brat bunny Feb 2018
i want to write about all the good things
like love and beginnings
but my mind is clogged
only an ending

i want to write a story, a poem just for you
with my feelings and thoughts
but my heart won't stop beating
it's eating me

i want to write a word, a phrase for all times
good for bad, bad for good
but my hands won't stop trembling
caged in so tight
338 · Sep 2018
How do I put this?
brat bunny Sep 2018
How do you write your whole world into one line?
It feels like I am pouring the ocean into an Olympic swimming pool.
302 · Sep 2018
Candy Skies
brat bunny Sep 2018
Cotton Candy Skies
Won't You be Mine?
I am just using lyrics don't get mad
281 · Jun 2018
Home and Mind
brat bunny Jun 2018
Home and Mind
With this I lay mine
Down to rest
For demons and their hands
Want ink we hold
In our hearts and mind
I lay this mind down to rest
With my heart busted
And leaking
It’s time to go and sleep
And I won’t weep for this soul
But for it whole
Mind and Body
That’s where I rest
Home and Mind
brat bunny Sep 2018
Do you hear the suffering,
and cries.
Do you see the desperation
in my eyes.
Do you see the drowning
of your lies.

Can you feel, Mrs. Black Widow?
Or is your heart black as coal,
and your mind void of hope?
265 · Feb 2018
brat bunny Feb 2018
Storms are the worst
They are loud and strike you with fear
Storms are the worst
And if you're anything like me
You're afraid of them too
Lightening and Thunder
For storms are the worst
They have no mercy and take what's yours
Storms are the worst
Your beloved can see that astraphobia is now your nightmare
For storms are the worst
If you're anything like me
I hAtE storms
262 · May 2018
My Accomplishments
brat bunny May 2018
I have followed you so willingly into the rain
To make sure you don't lose all that you gained
And if my efforts go to waste let them know
That I could keep the pace

I have done what others wouldn't do
And that is battle death with a righteous mind
Hold my head so high that the heavens quake when they see me off to put death to bed on a Friday night
Let them know that this is for me, my might

Let them know that I am not going to lose
to you
255 · Feb 2018
brat bunny Feb 2018
It's funny
Time is wasting
We laugh, it's funny
The world is drowning
It's funny when you think it
It's funny when you say it
Moments are disolving
Nostalgia is a drug
It's funny that we're plastic like dolls
Laugh all we want, time is in our hands
To numb the pain, take a handful and swallow
Pills make the world look funny
It's funny
It's funny
They chanted, they all were nostalgic and dying
People were drugged with nostalgia, the world drowned, and time was gone
It's funny
It's funny
Time echoed back
It's funny how they thought they were in control because
Time laughed at us
Time waits for no man
And no man waits for time
It's funny, said we
247 · Feb 2018
Her ceiling
brat bunny Feb 2018
She stares at her ceiling once again
A hundred thoughts hang in her head
She looks at her reflection once again
A thousand thoughts are shredded thin
She smiles at him once again
A million thoughts die with the passing sun
She stares at her ceiling once again
A billion thoughts are buried deep
She closes her eyes
For the first time
She sleeps
247 · Feb 2018
this time
brat bunny Feb 2018
this time ignore
his smile
his laugh
this time ignore
the way he looks at her
and not you
this time ignore
that you aren't his world
this time
240 · Feb 2018
brat bunny Feb 2018
i hate the rain
how it drowns my cries
i hate the thunder
it strikes too loud
i hate the lightning
how it blinds me too long
i hate the people who say get over it
it makes me fear the rain even more
i hate you who lets me cry by myself
just hold me tight and tell me a story
because i hate the rain
229 · Feb 2018
brat bunny Feb 2018
i am to you are
then you are is to he is
then he is to she is
then what would they be
if the ratio was complete
227 · Sep 2019
oranges oranges
brat bunny Sep 2019
stuff them down your throat
oranges oranges
eat them till you purge
it’s a nice way to lose your guilt
make you throw up your oranges
if you want to lose all your extra weight then eat your oranges and throw them up later
stuff oranges down your throat
oranges oranges
brat bunny Sep 2018
They help you feel indifferent
Or they help you get high enough
To fall asleep with all the things you've done
Painkillers and Sleeping Pills
Make you forget it
They bottle it up and say take it
Call it medicine
Painkillers and Sleeping Pills
writer's block
222 · Oct 2018
What are we
brat bunny Oct 2018
Buttons in our eyes
Why can’t we see the lies
Larvae in our mouth
Why can’t we speak the truth
Spiders in our ears
Why can’t we hear your tears
Sticks in our backs
Why can’t we fix our past
Death in our hearts
Why can’t we live with this mask
210 · Dec 2019
pretty ocean
brat bunny Dec 2019
Pretty, blue and dark
deep and wide
like a mouth full of tar
pretty, deep ocean
open your mouth
and swallow me whole
pretty, pretty ocean
so deep and dark
177 · May 2018
The World
brat bunny May 2018
Shiny cars and Plastic seats
Perfect clothes and Fake people
Mushy brains and Nimble feet
Look at the world with its treacherous deeds
Where souls come to live and bodies to rot
176 · Mar 2018
The Hardest of Times
brat bunny Mar 2018
the hardest of times are not on your knees in the dirt; crawling
but in the arms of the one you love, your love unreciprocated

the hardest of times are not having a debt to pay in two days
but when your lover is losing their love for you; falling out of love

the hardest of times are not materialistic
but are in the people you come to love
176 · Apr 2018
I have no words
brat bunny Apr 2018
The girl who spoke with no stop

The girl who loved to talk

The girl who’s stories struck no end

The girl with thoughts to tell

I am not that girl, I am the girl with no words
171 · Mar 2018
brat bunny Mar 2018
If I were to write
The stars into rhymes,
And the planets into lines,
The cosmos into limericks divine,
The milky way into haikus so fine.
Would you love me for all of time?
168 · Mar 2018
a promise
brat bunny Mar 2018
a promise to keep
no way to sleep
a life to beat
more to feast
crave the east
a promise of beasts
168 · Aug 2018
Highlighter vs. Pencil
brat bunny Aug 2018
You are the highlighter, you outline the important things in my life
Easier for me to understand and remember
I can always come back and see what I need to know from the things you show me

I am the pencil
I am easily erased and you can always forget what I show you
You don't remember anything about me
I am not important
brat bunny Mar 2018
I like to sit and look
and listen
and laugh
and talk
and breath
and daydream
and imagine
and I like to pretend that the world is a better place than what it is
I like to sit and wonder what happened to the world
what happened to our humility
what happened to our faith
164 · Mar 2018
can you feel
brat bunny Mar 2018
can you feel the warmth of sun
the wind blowing across your face
the rain dripping down your back
the rocks under your feet

can you feel my heart beating
my hand lacing with yours
my feet falling in step with yours

can you feel my love for you
164 · Mar 2018
brat bunny Mar 2018
noun: love; plural noun: loves
an intense feeling of deep affection

noun: lie; plural noun: lies
an intentionally false statement

"You can feel love for me, but that would be a lie."
"But that would be a lie if I didn't love you."
"There is no difference, I'm afraid."
163 · Sep 2018
To save yourself
brat bunny Sep 2018
blissful and sweet
euphoric and keen

keep with you always a sharp mind
for your heart betrays you, in the best of times

deadly and meek
traitor and bleak

keep always your heart on your sleeve
163 · May 2018
The Doll Maker
brat bunny May 2018
The doll maker is not a lover
The doll maker will spend decades with death
The doll maker makes no mistake, he makes the people quake
And if you come face to face
Shut your mouth
He takes no chances with you or I
The doll maker will end your life like a fly in a web
162 · Feb 2018
brat bunny Feb 2018
fear is now my enemy
it creeps and crawls into my dreams
turning them to a nightmare
of never ending lies

web so tight and sticky
fear calls my name so tricky
a spider winds down
fear creeps into my mind

cage so small and damp
fear whispers my death chant
the cage squeezes in

fear is now my enemy
162 · Apr 2018
Reality Check
brat bunny Apr 2018
It’s kind of sad honestly
I mean
We’re literally floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere waiting for something big and scientific and amazing and miraculous to happen
See it sounds sad and pathetic
I mean
The only thing we ever think is happening is what is in front of us
And we are just floating on a rock in the middle of nowhere, with no where to go and waiting for the sun to blow us up or someone to take over the world
Yeah pathetic really

Reality Check total:
34 people enraged
12 people contemplating
54 people confused
159 · Mar 2018
the man in the moon
brat bunny Mar 2018
the man in the moon is the engineer
he pleads for your ears
listen to him, peers
for the man in the moon
is the engineer of doom
he is the dollmaker
the one in the cocoon
the man in the moon
is the enginner
the ruiner of all things you
159 · May 2018
Where can I find you
brat bunny May 2018
Where can I find you
On the brink of death
Or hanging by a thread for joy
Where can I find you
Waiting for me at the threshold
Or by the Giving Tree, with spirit
Where can I find you
Right next to me
Or gone for the next hold
Where can I find you
It echoed
159 · Mar 2018
Don't ; Do
brat bunny Mar 2018
Don't cry
Don't whine
Don't smile
Don't laugh
Don't breath
Don't believe
Don't see
Don't try
Don't argue
Don't think

Do be a machine
Do as told
Do everything like everyone else
Do be normal
Do be dumb
Do all the things we tell you and everyone will like you

And that's a lie, do all the things I told you not to do; cry, laugh, whine, smile, breath, believe, see, try, argue, most importantly think.
brat bunny Feb 2018

when you fall in love
its dangerous because something that falls
will end up breaking

156 · May 2018
I can breathe
brat bunny May 2018
Open arms
Craving charms
Blackened eyes
Sandpaper lies
I can’t think without you
And I can’t think with you
I can’t breathe with you
But certainly I can breathe without you
156 · Feb 2018
is no longer
brat bunny Feb 2018

freedom is no longer free
speaking is no longer heard
doing is no longer seen
thinking is no longer done

155 · Feb 2018
a new form, a new shape
brat bunny Feb 2018
a new form, a new shape
a new monster in the make
a new demon for the take
a new cage to break
a new heart to ache
153 · Mar 2018
I like to think
brat bunny Mar 2018
I like to think
to think about the people
to think about the dead
to think about the inevitable
I like to think
to think, think, think
but now I know that thinking
is a dangerous passtime
for you and I
150 · Jun 2018
It’s summer; be happy
brat bunny Jun 2018
The sun is high
The clouds smiling
Freedom for awhile
You can see beach days and road trip weekends
But when the sun sets
And the clouds cry
Caged again
You can see the people you loved leaving and fading
But it’s okay
It’s Summer
Be happy and enjoy your time in the sun
But don’t worry about those you said good bye too
It’s summer
Be happy
I won’t see some of my friends since they are leaving for other schools; graduating so I wrote a poem
#summer #happy
150 · Feb 2018
a word
brat bunny Feb 2018
there's a word
a word so vile
when you say it
comes out
hanging there
like a plaque or tile
there's a word

that word is death
150 · May 2018
Mistakes; Try to Get Out
brat bunny May 2018
I can't see my hands,
the darkness a blanket
you can't see land
or people
or yourself
but that's okay, because I can't see myself
and the scars
the tears
the bruises
the mistakes

I am surrounded by darkness and faces. They smile and say,
"A mistake is not taking lightly,
So try little girl
Try to get out."
(I couldn't decide on a title and if you want you can suggest which one in the comments)
i will maybe be more active
149 · Mar 2018
madness of the mind
brat bunny Mar 2018
a cocoon is fit for those who bloom
after blood is shed
after those are dead
a throne is fit for those who bleed
after months have fled
after those are dead
your mind is fit for madness
after sadness is condemned
after your death is commanded
148 · Feb 2018
If to Then
brat bunny Feb 2018
If my life were yours and your life was mine
Then who's life would our's be if we both lived them free
If my heart was yours and your heart was mine
Then who's heart would be broken if we both ran out of time
If I gave you my eyes and you gave me your eyes
Then who's future would we be seeing
Because if is to then, then is to the future
The future would be different since you would see the wrong  one
brat bunny Feb 2018
Let me drown
Let me smile one last time
I'll say tomorrow
but death says today
He grins, takes my chin into his cold hand and whispers
I'll cry to death and he'll laugh
Tell me he's happy to see me
Happy to know I'll be with him
He bends down, his eyes darkening
Sweet and tinder, his kiss
Today death said, I'll take her
Death said she deserves so much better
Today, tomorrow
Death does not slow down
He waits for you to smile to strike you down
145 · Feb 2018
The world did not end
brat bunny Feb 2018
The world did not end in a bang or a whisper
But in one scream at a time.
The world wasn’t on fire or flooding
But the people made sure to bring its bleeding.
The world did not end with you.
143 · Apr 2018
My own little world
brat bunny Apr 2018
My own little world
Where the sun dies every night to let the moon breathe
Where all the little creatures live in harmony
Where all the people sing with lovely rhythms for me
My own little world where nothing goes wrong
My own little world
Where the moon tries to stay alive longer; drowning the poor sun
Where all the predators hunt for everything that breathes or moves
Where all the people scream for me
My own little world
Where the mind goes mad, so do I
141 · Feb 2018
The boy and the sea
brat bunny Feb 2018
Excuse me miss.
Yes dear?
How can you tell what love is?
Oh well, you can't. It is different for everyone.
Have you ever been in love?
Yes, of course.
Who? Where is he now?
My dear, he is away at sea.
At sea? That's amazing miss.
Well not everything is what it seems, my dear. Remember that.
Ah, will I know I am in love, ever miss?
Yes, dear, you will know.
The boy walked away off the beach, leaving the woman. The woman smiled too. She walked away like the man that the boy talked to before.
A man nearby mumbled;
That boy is surely crazy, talking to the sea and two bottles of ashes. There is no one around.
****** poem written awhile ago and I just found it
140 · Mar 2018
a ticking clock
brat bunny Mar 2018
a ticking clock
a worn lock
your mind is blocking
what is not talking
you are dying
and lying
a ticking clock
a worn lock
your time is ending on the dot
138 · Mar 2018
The Spider and the Fly
brat bunny Mar 2018
The spider and the fly.
An interesting couple, don't you agree?
The spider wants to trap the fly,
have the fly in its parlor, to dine and feast.
The fly wants to get away
from the spider and its venom, the fly is hunted.
And the spider is the hunter. Quick and clean.
Watch out little fly, don't step into the spider's parlor.
Be careful little fly, here comes the spider, ready to dine.
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