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Girl, the magic that we both make
Is nothing but sweet and pure tenderness
We build each other up a great deal
Together, we find our happiness
With each day that passes
We empower one another
With every kiss
We both feel the fire
Just keep at it
Let those words flow
Be the encouraging voice
That teaches the little ones to strive for more
Always be that mentor
Who is sincere
Make your presence felt
Just always be there
Everyday is a struggle
The lessons are there
We must live life more carefully
In order to conquer
Things are not always golden
We may sadly have to deal with corruption and strife
We remove ourselves from those shadows
In order to find the light
Always stay determined
And never ever quit
Continue to give it your all
Be fierce bit by bit
You can do it
Have the courage and strength
Show your gratitude
Lift your head up and do your best
Better days are coming
The darkness will eventually give way to the light
Courage and confidence returns
We strive to make things right
Things will look upward
The clouds will disappear my friend
Brightness comes to the forefront
The sun shines once again
Always speak from the heart
Be the one who inspires
Continue to teach the youth
Encourage them to reach higher
Instill all of the good values
Show them that they can achieve
In order for the youth to earn tomorrow
Speak wise words of wisdom in order for them to believe
Through the darkness
The light always appears
To take away the emptiness
Along with those fears
Never ever give up
Be the one who conquers
Always climb that mountain
In order to prosper
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