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44/M/the foot of the mountain    i've been fixed and i've been broken and i've broken what i've fixed
Bogdan Dragos
M    MY NEW BOOK: #WEBSITE: #INSTAGRAM: bogdan_1_dragos
Thomas W Case
53/M/Iowa City    I'm a poet, living in Iowa, I have published two collections of poetry and countless individual poems in anthologies around the world. check me out ...
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
M/Nashville    Read Feel Write Fill Pour -Esprit De Corps
Daniel eason
Brandon K Stephenson
28/M/Bossier City, La.    “ In the readers eyes, my words are you...With this pen, I can create you... With this pen, I can finish you... “ - B.K.S.
Wisconsin    Timelessness
Eric Martin
Canada    Check out my Instagram for my Art mixed with Poems and soon music All work is copyrighted by ©Eric M Martin
J Robert Fallon III
27/M/Texas    "I hope to revive and evoke people's memories, the emotions held closest, in order to speak directly into their ears and connect my words to ...
25/M/Brooklyn, NY    can you hear those crickets
Just a unicorn in an empty stable.
Become less. Soli Deo Gloria.
In the back of your knees   
Durban (South Africa)    Nothing special here but thoughts of my own , No major in English , Nor literary degree, no command of the language or verse and ...
20/M/Philippines    kind of was altogether never there—don't bother to fix what cannot be mended
Finley in Despair
Mateuš Conrad
36/M/Essex (England)    as attempted in third person biographical form: will not write in third person, an ongoing auto- and first person - salvo!
Mysidian Bard
32/M/Mysidia    Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine? Is this not what you expected to see? If you want to find out what's behind these cold ...
Akira Chinen
122/M/texas    "we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did ...
Andrew Lees
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