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sunrise sweet silence
sanctuary surrounding solitude
sorrow springs since summer’s
shimmering sparkling sunshine
squandered sentiment
sundown’s smoky sunset
saddened sombre skies
starlight specks swallowed
shaded sublunary shadows
soon sunrise showers soft soil
copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
I live in the shadows
Away from prying eyes
Step back from the glare and glow of life’s spotlight
Don’t make me take centre stage
An actress in my own drama
With you, the audience
Examining my every move
Each word that spills from my lips analysed
An exhibit in a museum
A mammal in a zoo
I am not a masterpiece of God’s creation
My flaws are your flaws
My desires are your desires
Allow me to live in the shadows, while you take centre stage
copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
Time on your hands
Time to change
Time waits –
– for no man

Be on time –
– or take your time

Time is freedom
– a constraint
The ties that bind
– control our time

Break free

Make time
Waste time
Spend time
– being you

Your time
– is my time
Our time
– loving time
Take your time
The time is now
copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
I hear your needs
your wants
flooding my head
hammering me down, until
I’m laid flat on the ground
a shallow puddle of murky water

demands creating ripples across my surface
lapping at the edges of my being
spreading me out wider
and thinner
and further away from
.                                      myself

two dimensions; existence and acquiescence
make me a servant
a *****-like submissive
sharing assent, but not consent
a monochrome playwright scripting lines
etched on a chalk board
played out in a monotonous reality

a perpetual eternity of you say
and I do
until trampled by the soles of your feet
droplets of me scatter
my shallow puddle recedes
moving me further away from
.                                                     myself
copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
Karen Horsley Feb 10
cloaked in night’s shadows
swaddled in silence but for the ticking clock
and the gentle rumble of an aeroplane
glowing street lights cast shadows
on whitewashed walls
as wayward cats slink stealthily
comforted by cosy warm beds
and the sound of the ticking clock

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley
I am the waves in the ocean
I am my past
my family and friends
I am my mistakes
despair and sorrow

I am pebbles on the beach
I am my present
my thoughts and feelings
I am my success
and my knowledge

I am seeds in the ground
and rain in the clouds
I am my future
once lost but now found
I am hope and desire

I am my heart and soul
the molten core of the earth
I am loved and cherished
casting light in the dark
I am the stars in the sky

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley
I am the Stars in the Sky is the title poem from my second published collection of poetry.
Gusty winds swirl crisp autumn leaves
Storm clouds gather overhead
Fading light, as the sun
Obscured, hides its glow

Definition dulled as misty rain
Blurs shapes and disguises beauty
Vibrant colours bleached
Washed out and muted

Sparkling beads hang from trees
Spiderwebs glisten and shine
Droplets quiver then fall
Silently to the ground

Nature’s warm blanket now sodden
As water seeps into the soil
Reviving and nourishing life
Bringing new hope

Washed by rain, the earth shimmers
The sun’s golden rays intensify
Nature’s glorious colours
Of kaleidoscopic beauty

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley
Kaleidoscopic Beauty is the title poem from my first published collection of poetry.
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