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Senali Perera Nov 2019
The world exists outside
Pavements dozing under a thousand footsteps
City lights blooming bright
flashing their sequin shine
in a hurry to blur the human eye
concealing starlight
Roads swallowing streams of noise
The city is alive
under the canopy of midnight velvet
the dreams of a sleepless sky
A soul would warm itself in the night
another would heave cold sighs
The darkness would die as the dawn arrives
as the world exists outside

The moon will set
it's milky white breath
would fade in the morning light
Seeds would open
sprouting leaves in motion
Nature would rise into life
Souls would wake
ripples caressing the lake
the ocean would glide with its tide
Bees sing in their hives
a worthy life to live by
in the world that exists outside

Here I lie
in my silent space
with my lone and unmet gaze
Nursing my wounds
scrubbing my purple bruise
smothering my youthful days
Stitches to seal
Bandaids to heal
Catching the wildest of sun rays
The world outside
is a reverie in the mind
Life slowly drifting away

The infinity lies
with its thousand skies
trapped inside the walls of my head
A beating heart
a cage to tear the wings apart
give me the blood and the rust instead
The sun to rise
My torn soul to fly outside
The fire to burn bright red
The pulse on my skin
life, a patient flow within
my hope still lives undead.
Senali Perera Nov 2019
You breathe inside of me like flowers blooming,
like sleeping embers in the furnace of my heart
heaving restless sparks in startling fever dreams.
My bleeding feet have walked miles into myself
and away from your entrapping embrace
My soul has broken your spell
averting my eyes from your gaze
My silver armour is crumbling
against blood soaked reveries
I feel your presence beyond the horizon
the distance swallowing memories
My voice choking within your thoughts
my presence a withering mist
You gently urging me out the door
streams of strange faces being let in
To soften the shade of the aching bruise
seal secretly grieving tombs
I move on where the blue stars fall,
burying blood clots in the moon
The silence here is deafening, dear
but my heart rings on its beat
I carry these shreds of skin you shed
they once were made of me.
Senali Perera Aug 2019
Hate is passionate.
When love turns to hate
you still possess their heart like a flame
they grudgingly surrender to your inseparable grip
they burn all night and day.
Indifference is colder.
When love freezes in the vein
they carelessly turn away
you die a death inside their forgetful minds
when the love drains out of their gaze
The warmth you once drew from them,
gasps for breath as the frost invades.
But the worst is yet to come, my dear
it's when your loved one fears when they have you near
When they recoil at the mention of your name
when they shrivel beneath your love and it's weight
when they wear your presence like a crippling chain
when they run away just to remain sane
The worst is when you're poison in their lips
never to loathe, but a woe to be eclipsed
The worst is when you're the suffocator of their breast
in whom your loved one can never find rest.
Senali Perera Aug 2019
I feel like a disabled lamb that just burst out of its mother's womb.
  Aug 2019 Senali Perera
i have a thin drop of water
between my thumb and index finger
that i play with when it rains;
you leap through the warmth
that comes with your tall summers;
everywhere i look, everyone is the same,
moving, writhing in the heat.
i am jealous. i am still. i am cold.
i am here,
in my southern winter,
my fever of snow.
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