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Nov 2019
The world exists outside
Pavements dozing under a thousand footsteps
City lights blooming bright
flashing their sequin shine
in a hurry to blur the human eye
concealing starlight
Roads swallowing streams of noise
The city is alive
under the canopy of midnight velvet
the dreams of a sleepless sky
A soul would warm itself in the night
another would heave cold sighs
The darkness would die as the dawn arrives
as the world exists outside

The moon will set
it's milky white breath
would fade in the morning light
Seeds would open
sprouting leaves in motion
Nature would rise into life
Souls would wake
ripples caressing the lake
the ocean would glide with its tide
Bees sing in their hives
a worthy life to live by
in the world that exists outside

Here I lie
in my silent space
with my lone and unmet gaze
Nursing my wounds
scrubbing my purple bruise
smothering my youthful days
Stitches to seal
Bandaids to heal
Catching the wildest of sun rays
The world outside
is a reverie in the mind
Life slowly drifting away

The infinity lies
with its thousand skies
trapped inside the walls of my head
A beating heart
a cage to tear the wings apart
give me the blood and the rust instead
The sun to rise
My torn soul to fly outside
The fire to burn bright red
The pulse on my skin
life, a patient flow within
my hope still lives undead.
Written by
Senali Perera  27/F/Sri Lanka
(27/F/Sri Lanka)   
   Bogdan Dragos
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