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Aug 2019
Hate is passionate.
When love turns to hate
you still possess their heart like a flame
they grudgingly surrender to your inseparable grip
they burn all night and day.
Indifference is colder.
When love freezes in the vein
they carelessly turn away
you die a death inside their forgetful minds
when the love drains out of their gaze
The warmth you once drew from them,
gasps for breath as the frost invades.
But the worst is yet to come, my dear
it's when your loved one fears when they have you near
When they recoil at the mention of your name
when they shrivel beneath your love and it's weight
when they wear your presence like a crippling chain
when they run away just to remain sane
The worst is when you're poison in their lips
never to loathe, but a woe to be eclipsed
The worst is when you're the suffocator of their breast
in whom your loved one can never find rest.
Written by
Senali Perera  27/F/Sri Lanka
(27/F/Sri Lanka)   
     Random Guy, --- and ---
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