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The day was nice and sunny.
They were a poor family without a lot of money.
And little Lorrie felt so nice and warm.
When she picked some wildflowers for mom.
Mom had the happiest time.
When she received those wildflowers from her little Valentine.
 Nov 2019 Senali Perera
chlorine is toxic
hindsight is 20/20,
but i never should have kissed you
I cried today,
at work,
in the bathroom,

I left early.
The thoughts,
the sorrow,
the pain.

I bawled in my car
as soon as I shut
the door.

The engine kicks,
and you
 Nov 2019 Senali Perera
come and go, i'm here.
walk away, i'm here.
i'm here for me :)
 Aug 2019 Senali Perera
i have a thin drop of water
between my thumb and index finger
that i play with when it rains;
you leap through the warmth
that comes with your tall summers;
everywhere i look, everyone is the same,
moving, writhing in the heat.
i am jealous. i am still. i am cold.
i am here,
in my southern winter,
my fever of snow.
 Aug 2019 Senali Perera
flood waters recede
showing widespread destruction
as young shoots sprout forth
If you cant already tell we went on a great hike on a glacier today. Anyway, it's flooding my SDKs today
 Aug 2019 Senali Perera
sometimes i am granted the ability to see my parents as people
not just the person i know them as
but the person they are
for a brief spare moment
i am able to slip into their narrative
slide behind their eyes
and understand
finally understand their drama and their intrigue
their uniqueness and their plainness
their angels and their demons
and their late night separations
i see who they are without me
sometimes i am granted the ability to see a different version of reality
i think i am omniscient but really
what i am seeing
is me
i had a strange moment of clarity and a stranger moment of fear.
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