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Bec Aug 28
Everyday feels like I’m being strangled
Forced to look at life from different angles
Hang a left up ahead
Dangle from every roof top’s ledge
Bec Aug 24
Why do we spend our time obsessively checking the number of followers we have?
Let’s take a stab at the facts
Why do you care if they follow you back?
When you lay your head down, you’re sad on your own in bed
You can’t stop thinking about what those haters said
You better get that **** knocked out of your head
Maybe pick up a book or go outside instead
Bec Aug 24
I still have hope for humanity
It was inspired through insanity
I dug my feet in the sand
I looked around
All I saw was foreign Land
all I did was gaze down
in that crazy place
but it was misplaced
like glaze on a wedding cake
Insanity is the reason we have hope
It’s the only way
We can truly escape
To our childhood playplace
We recreate our delusions
on silver screens
Bec Aug 24
There are too many people out there who will take advantage of our kindness
We won’t settle down until we meet someone who calls us “your highness”
They’ll know what it takes
They’ll calm the lakes behind our eyes
Never blame you for the times that you cry
We won’t have to be high to have a good time
These are lessons we all learn
For some of us, it’s a slow churn
Bec Aug 23
You steal me from myself
I can’t help but love it
Bec Aug 23
Why can’t you give me the same attention I give you?
How is a cellphone more important, a nap more important?
I just want to go back to being myself before I met you.
I liked that person.
That person had ideas, dreams and goals.
You took them over.
Bec Aug 23
Your silence slices me open
I roll the dice
I want to see tears in your eyes
Instead you just stay quiet
I just wanna reach those
Who have spent their entire life
feeling like they are nobody to anybody
Did you feel the edge of a knife
Pressed to your skin
while your friends
search for their excuses
in their expensive purses
They curve you
Like a teacher who just got laid
Curves your grade
Yeah, I have a lot more words to say
& they say they are pressed for time
Well I’m telling you,
tongues are heavy
because I've held mine
long enough
For the time being
I know I’m not enough
So for now, I'm going to stuff it
and just shut up
This is for you. You know who you are. The one who feels the same pain I do everyday.
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