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I have somebody
He is perfect to me
Completely amazing
But he doesn't see what I see
I love him so much I don't deserve him ohmygod
This isn't just pain,
This will make you go insane.
True heartbreak is deep within the soul,
You forget every life goal.
The pain is indescribable.
You are no longer reliable.
Every part of your being is destroyed
You just become a void.
But this isn't the end.
Open up and tell a close friend.
You are not alone,
Don't forget to reclaim your throne.
It is in everything,
Every single being.
Open your eyes and you'll see
Soon you will believe me.
Beauty is found
Not only in sight but also in sound.
It is everywhere
In every breath of air.
Just take a second to see
Soon you will believe me.

— The End —